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Vetta HD no signal


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Hey guys,


I am new to this forum. I just joined cuz I need some help.  I picked up a Vetta HD about a year ago, and I absolutely love it. It was already flashed to 2.50 when I got it, and I’ve had no issues until now.  I just turned it on the other day and I don’t get signal thru it.  It does get a little noise when u plugin to the input and goes completely silent when unplugged. Everything looks ok, all of my patches appear to be there.  I get the usual pop when I turn it on. The only other thing that doesn’t look right is: I have the FBV longboard, and now that has no backlight, and doesn’t show the patch name, it just says Line 6.  The board does seem to still do all of its current assigned functions.  


I dont know when/if  the battery was replaced last. I bought one but am reluctant to do it myself.  Could this be the problem, even though the patches look ok?


Any help is greatly appreciated. 


UPDATE: I got it working!!!   I actually just had a loose connection, and a bad cable to my FBV board. 

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