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Pod Hd500 / 500x Patch Settings Template

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Hi everyone, not sure if this will be useful for you but it is for me so thought i'd share it.


I wish that the pod edit software would be able to export patch information to a file that could be opened in a spreadsheet application for saving, printing, or just "patch analysis" moments when you may want to compare patches type scenarios.


Not everyone works this way granted, but I find it useful to have everything written down, so I created my own template.


Feel free to use it as you wish...




Here is an example of it filled out...

I am new to programming my pod, and this is a rushjob I did last night in front of a friends pa to get used to creating patches.....not the one I'll be using it with as it's not setup at the moment. It's not finished yet, so don't expect it to sound like Brightside just yet...





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