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  1. Have tried to upload them to custometone, although they don't seem to appear when I search for them. I'm guessing it takes a few minutes or so for them to show up on the site?? I definitely uploaded two of the three, and when I pushed upload on the third patch my computer did some crazy lollipop and didn't see the confirmation screen so not sure if it went up ok. If you're interested in my tones, search my username, and if in a few days time there are only two patches, i'll re-upload the third patch. any problems let me know. Oh, and all patches are designed around the f/s 5-8 mode, as some of the patches have extra gain stages on buttons 5 and 6. Cheers, bignath
  2. ahh, cool. Ok, i'll try that! Cheers
  3. Hi fellas, nah not too busy....just waiting for those that were interested to pm me their email address and i'll send them on. As per post #13, i'm still having trouble with zipping my patches to this site. For some reason my computer fails to successfully load them up here, hence the offer to just email them until I find out what the conflict is. Happy to email them to you if you like. Cheers, Nath
  4. As far as i know, no it isn't possible, but would be awesome if it was. To the best of my knowledge, you can only set the POD's output mode to one setting for all outputs. You can't split the mode so the xlr's have a different setting to the 1/4 inch outs. It MIGHT be possible to set your patches up with a dual amp setup, one signal chain is eq'd and sounds appropriate for the pa, and then the other signal chain more appropriately tailored for a guitar amp, but im not sure 100% about this. If i'm wrong about this, please feel free to correct me. Or if in fact there is a way to do what the quote i'm replying to is asking, please let me know... My workaround for this has been to use a smallish (but crazy loud) behringer powered pa wedge as my stage monitor behind me (like an amp). It's a good speaker and does a great job of reproducing what the pa gets as its a pa speaker and not voiced for guitar specifically. There are way better options out there for the same application but i also use this speaker for pa applications and bass guitar monitoring too, so i don't feel the need to upgrade drastically at this point. I also get the sound guy to send my pa signal back through my vocal monitor at my feet on stage. This setup works well for me. At smaller gigs, i'll leave the behringer at home and just get my stage sound from my vocal wedge.
  5. i'm actually pretty good with computers in general, but i've never actually 'zipped' anything.... how do i go about doing that? can i do it with Windows installed programs somewhere, or do i need to download a third party software to do it? Cheers, bignath
  6. Hi all, i've tried to upload the 3 patches i used the other night at my gig, as promised, but i keep getting a message saying i don't have permission to upload that type of file.....not sure why. anyway, if someone knows what the issue with this is please let me know. Its just the generic files from HD Edit... Otherwise, pm me your email and i'll send you the patches that way. Cheers, bignath
  7. I wouldn't mind betting you'll be able to pull some pretty good tones using the behringer speaker you have. I use the B212D (which I think is the same as yours but a bit bigger) and am very happy with it as an accurate enough monitor behind me at gigs. It doesn't sound as good as the pa, but it is more than useable as a monitor. Im happy with the tones I can get out of my pod and the 212. You'll most likely have to change or tweak your patches to suit of course, but otherwise I reckon you could easily make it work.
  8. haha, just read through my post above.....have always wondered what "lollipop" was when i read it in other peoples posts....now i know... forum doesn't like you saying s@#t i suppose :D
  9. ^ Studio / Direct output mode, and all I did was run an xlr from the left out, to the stage DI/Multicore that feeds the mixing desk at the end of the room. xlr from the right output, to my powered speaker behind me on stage, and then got the sound guy to put my sound back through my foldback monitor in front of me. Simple as. My patches are pretty simple though. Basically just an amp/mic/cab, with a noise gate, a comp, a wah and a dirt box in front of amp, a delay behind it, maybe a modulation, and then reverb. My boost is the fx loop trick set to +3db. Occasionally i'll also incorporate a pitch bend (black keys, lonely boy intro) or the octo reverb fx for a synthy vibe for Mr Brightside or something like that.... I don't have a lot of weird lollipop going on.....others would no doubt need different things from their units but my band is basically a rock/pop cover band so it's all pretty straightforward. What i will say before i get to actually uploading my patches, is that i have found some of the most amazing tones have come from the least obvious amp choices sometimes. My band does a few AC/DC and Bon Jovi songs for example......so you'd automatically go for a big Marshall, or Soldano type model yeah?? But i've found for my particular application, the amp model i use a lot for dirt is one of the VOX models. I think it could be the 15, or the 30 bright channel?? Was quite surprised by that.. But anyway, ill hopefully have time when i get home tonight to upload my patches.
  10. Last night's Christmas Show went really well....Just awesome tone, huge PA, my powered monitor behind me, and some more of me in my foldback monitor in front of me. Stoked with this unit. Yep, will gladly share my patches....just give me a day or two to get them out of the pod, and then i'll throw them up here.. Stay tuned...
  11. Hi all, would just like to say thanks for the help I've received on a couple of topics since I purchased the hd500x a month or so ago. Had my first gig with it the other week, and everything went unbelievably well. We typically get a lot of people coming up to us at gigs commenting on our sound (partly due to the awesome pa that we own) and I get the "once in a while" comment regarding my personal tones too. I was running a PRS Custom 22 through a pedal board loaded with lots of cool pedals, most boutiqueish stuff (no boss, behringer stuff on my board thanks) into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Nice setup actually. I was very happy with my tone. But I wanted something simpler to setup, packdown, more consistent from gig to gig, plus the ability to really dial in a tone closer to the recording if required. I also wanted to make the most of our pa and use that for guitar signal instead of backline amplification. For the weeks leading up the gig, I was feverishly trying to dial patches, checking on different systems due to not being able to access our pa at the time. (our rehearsal space is 45km's from home). Thought I had it dialled in on flat response speakers, only to find out they are not flat response, tried power amp input on my amp and got a great sound but it sounded like crap through the pa when I eventually got to use it. Eventually, a week before the first gig, we rehearsed, just the monitor part of our pa setup (no FOH) and I was starting to get happier and closer to "my sound" with my tweaking. Never actually got to run it through the full pa until soundcheck for the first gig with it. Was crapping myself thinking it was not gonna work. Took my amp and pedals as backup if I needed to swap over quickly. Was very paranoid it would all backfire. Plugged in, setup gain and flat eq on my mixer channel, rolled up volume - WOW. Shouldn't have worried. All my research, questions and answers I've received, and my own intuition about this unit have paid off in a big way. After our the first gig with it, I had a lineup of people wanting to ask about my tone. I was so happy with my sound. I had it running just left xlr to desk, and 1/4 out to a 12inch powered monitor behind me and coming back at my face through my pa monitor. Next time I use it though I will leave the powered monitor out of the setup and literally only use the pa. Actually if I recall, during the third set I may have actually turned the powered monitor off altogether. Have used it at rehearsal since, flawlessly, and I have a huge gig coming up on Saturday night at a big function centre for a multiple business Christmas Show performance. I intend to use the HD500X in exactly the same way, and I can't wait for showtime to hear it through a big pa again. Genuinely stoked with how this unit performs for me with my gear, and thank you for all the answers to my questions.
  12. Two things: 1 - You must have a pretty awesome cat. Mine won't go near me when I wind up my guitar... :) 2 - HONESTLY - not trying to sound rude....but the last part of your quote I've attached is your problem I reckon. In my humble opinion, the output mode being a global setting as opposed to a "patch by patch" setting is a better setting. Assuming you stay in either mode for any decent length of time, it makes sense to just switch it over when you change and be done with it. Switch it back again when you're finished. You probably switch patches more than you switch setups..
  13. Amen to that... It's not THAT hard to work out. I'm first and foremost a drummer and I've nutted mine out easy enough.
  14. New product line.......The Line6 Delorian.
  15. Really? 400w? Well that explains my ease at using the 12 inch. Sorry mate, i wouldnt ever have thought that they would be rated at twice the volume for a two inch size increase. I stand corrected. Im sure there are better systems for the pods than the behringers (stagesource to name one of many options) so yeah, if your continually not happy with current setup, and you can afford them then they'd be great. I am very new to the world of modellers, having spent the last two decades with amps and stomps, but what i bought the behringer 212d for was more a home patch creation setup to get me close to a live pa useable tone, then mild tweak at rehearsals. As it turns out though, it seems to work quite well in my band setting too, which is a bonus. Hope you get a setup that you're happy with soon! Cheers, BN
  16. Completely disagree. I own the B212D (the 12inch version) of that powered speaker, and I have no trouble getting "hear this from a block away) volume. I play in a LOUD rock cover band through a big PA with 15in EV top boxes and 18in EV subs both sides of the stage, and I run my behringer monitor behind me at a distance of maybe 6-8 feet. Volume is maybe just over 1/3 up, bass and treble at noon, and it punches out plenty of volume to keep up with the rest of our live rig. Cant imagine the difference between the 10 and the 12 would be that much??? Of course I could be completely wrong though...
  17. Not too sure about your last couple of points but I can help you out with the boosting query. There is a microamp modelled effect in the 500x ( I think it might be the "boost comp" ). Others here can confirm or deny if required. That's one option.. Others that I have come across when I was researching how best to set up a boost, was to use one of the many eq's that have a gain or level feature in their options. I believe the parametric eq might do that, and possibly the midfocus one, but I wouldn't quote me on that though... The other option I heard a lot (and the one that I do) is to put a jumper cable from the fx send to the fx return, and put an "effects loop" in your patches' signal chain. then you simply leave the send at 0db, put the mix on 100%, and increase the return level to whatever you want the boost to be. I set mine at around 3 or 4 db. Then simply assign the fx loop in your on screen display to a footswitch. Works great. Very transparent, but requires that you don't use the fx loop for anything else, and you need a short cable. For me, I don't use the fx send and return jacks at all, and I have heaps of those short cables, so it was a simple solution for me.
  18. bignath

    Need Help

    also useful for when swapping guitars in a live setting between songs.
  19. Yep I've found exactly the same thing. Make my changes, send patch to pod, save the patch to computer, disconnect and then start using the pod. Weird stuff happens otherwise....
  20. Thanks for you advice mate. I'll have a good look at that patch! In the meantime, I've found a workaround...I had completely forgotten I had an A/B switcher pedal with volume controls that I used in a previous rig years ago.. So i'm just throwing that in front of the pod, and boosting the channel that the strat is plugging into. The benefit of this is that it gives both guitars access to the inbuilt tuner of the pod. I discovered that the aux input doesn't route through the tuner. Don't know why....seems like a stupid idea to me. Surely they could map both inputs to go through the tuner if they are gonna let you set up the aux in to take a guitar (ie: not just other instruments that don't need tuning). A quick play around with the A/B box seems to have solved my issue, but thank you again for your help, and i'll look at that patch for sure. Cheers, bignath
  21. Hi everyone, just a question I've been pondering all day (but I can't make any noise at home at the moment, so just thinking out loud...) I have two guitars that I want to use with my HD500X. I don't want different effects for each guitar, just the tonality and feel changes just by swapping guitars... 1. PRS Custom 22 - Dragon 2 pickups.....seem quite hot. 2. Fender Strat - factory pickups....seem a lot weaker. If I want to have both guitars connected to allow me to choose which guitar to play for which song, is this how I go about doing it?? Assuming that because the PRS is my main guitar, and the strat would only be used on some clean tones... On all of my patches I duplicate another amp chain (only using single amp chains at the moment), while keeping all other fx in a more conventional single chain approach, then pan both signal paths to the center, and then I could use the mixer to compensate for the quieter pickups of the strat? So for example a patch might look like: Noise Gate >> Overdrive >> split into amp A (PRS) and amp B (strat) >>mixer straight after both amp chains meet again >> delay and mod fx etc....>> output. Then maybe add 5db or whatever required, to the lower amp chain (amp B) in the mixer panel to bring the strat up to the level of the PRS? Is that how I would do it?
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