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  1. I am trying to send my vocal to pa and guitar to my amp. In pw it is sounding guitar. This is how I have it hooked up. Live out left ch to amp 1/4inch. XLR out right to pa. I have a HD 500x. In HD edit Mac app/mixer main mix it shows it's panned left right
  2. wambli1

    Vocal Effects

    How did you get it to split up into two? I bought some presets that i would like to use as is what having to re-program effect strips/channels. Right now they have only one strip/channel. Do I make changes in Edit or the effects pedal/floor unit? Not lazy, have been reading advanced guide but just can't seem to find that part
  3. wambli1

    Vocal Effects

    Thank you. How do I change guitar preset? I am using 500x
  4. wambli1

    Vocal Effects

    How do I set 500x for my guitar and use for vocal effects? Is there patches already in rig for vocals? Is there a PDF of patch/ settings listings?
  5. I have the same problem....hope they send out a fix soon
  6. On my X3 live I have one program "Bubble echo" that is now on every setting. I tried to do factory reset but it still stays there. This is what I did: hold home till I get commands window, select reset user presets, click save and than hold save Help!!
  7. I just got my mini amp gizmo for my Egnator Renegade combo amp. Has anyone out there configured their rig for use with HD500x?
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