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  1. I have been using a Pod X3 Live for about 4 years. It was bought 2nd hand so its well out of date now, and parts cannot be easily obtained in the UK. Last year the power supply went down totally and my techie boffin pal rigged up a workaround, because the parts to reinstate it were not available. He did warn me that it may not be economic to repair again and would probably blow again. Anyway it suddenly stopped dead and went blank a week ago, admittedly after I had been perhaps over-enthusiastically wa-wa-ing, (which might be a clue?). I smelled burning so something shorted out. My boffin pal had a look and tells me its all powering up OK, and there is no obvious burned out part visible, but there is no audio output at all! Its probably bound for the scrap heap to be replaced by a second hand HD500X off ebay, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if there might be a simple fix for this? My immediate thought is either that the sound output power supply (on the board?) has blown, or its something to do with the expression pedal failing. A second question is whether I will be able to load in my setups via Gearbox into the HD500X? I think so, but nobody I have asked knows for sure. It would be so great not to have to reinvent the wheel!
  2. Before you save the edited tone be sure to rename it and locate it in a place in the setup page that doesn't overwrite the original tone
  3. Thanks for the advice but I just checked and the padlock is open. I managed to restore the settings (again) by reloading them in from Line6 Monkey, I checked them in Gearbox, then quickly disconnected the usb cable. After turning the unit off and on it seems to be recovered, although I don't trust that it is stable. This happened before last week and I fear its corruption in the control software. When I was practicing yesterday it was fine for a while. Then I left the unit on while I went to do other things. When I returned to resume working it had defaulted to this 'locked' tone 2 scenario. I don't trust it now and I will not tinker with it before my gig tonight! I think I have to buy a different effects unit. I am planning to thoroughly read the manual today.....
  4. The second bank of tones that I have in my setup has all defaulted to one setting, for no apparent reason. Must be a bug in the hardware. The setups can be saved and reloaded via Gearbox (running the most up to date vs3.72 and line monkey vs1.65) but the Pd X3 Live display just shows Tone 1 changing and Tone 2 remaining constantly set on 'Mr Clean'. I can't figure out how to get this to stop! And I've got a gig tomorrow! Has anyone else had this problem? Is there some button I've pressed on the controls that could have caused this? Is there a workaround for this?
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