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Bass Amps For Sonic Port And Mobile Pod

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Sorry if this has already been asked. I have x3pro with all upgrade packs on it. Love it. For total portability, and lets face it, another gadgit tor try, I went out last week bought Sonic Port. I am a bassist mostly, and am somewhat disappointed that the Mobile Pod app that works with Sonic Port seems to have forgotten us Bassist entirely. Any word on if these will be added. Or better still, can I somehow incorporate my already purchased model packs into this software/hardware piece of kit. Thanks


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the x3 series did not use model packs it came with them all of the xt model packs installed from the factory... meaning you either have an xt with the model packs...

or you have an x3 with no model packs... you cannot use the factory installed model packs without using the x3...

doesn't apply to what you're trying to do anyway as the model packs are not compatible with the sonic port...

no idea what line6 plans to do in the future...

might try requesting it here and see if you can get some traction:

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