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Relay G30 Problem Stall

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I had a problem with my relay 30 is my last concert
all the lamp receiver are turned red and I had an ultrasound as ringing in my amp
venai that the relay because when I put a cable problem more
the problem came after 2 hours of play and I did this before I had amais with relay
someone has already had this problem can t help it because I'm afraid for my next concert

thank you


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Knowing only this small amount of information I can only make a few guesses.


The fact that the RF LEDs when to red means that the receiver lost the signal.  This could be from range limits, loss of line-of-sight or local interference.  It could also happen if the transmitter is having hardware problems.


I would need to know which mode you are operating in?  Are you using the factory power supply? Are there any other Line 6 wireless devices used in the same venue?

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