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Tone Port Ux2 Windows 8 Dps Fail

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Hi, I recently upgraded my computers that I record on to windows 8 and I get the error "DPS failed to load model correctly.  You may not hear the selected model.  Reason: (code 80007104) Failed write to firmware".  Pic is attached to this post of exact error window box.


I basically can only use the preset tone when I enter gearbox and that is it.  I can't change any settings while on gearbox.  The only way I can hear the changes is if I make the changes, exit out of gearbox, re-plug in my usb connection, re-open gearbox and it loads the previous tone so I can hear it, but again if I change anything, even the volume, it doesn't work so I have to repeat the process.


I saw a forum post with a updated driver and installation process to help people using Gearbox with the Toneport UX2 but the link the admin/moderator supplied is no longer valid, and I can't find that driver version anywhere.


Here is the link to the post:http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/148255


Any help or links to updated drivers would really be appreciated.

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That is of no use.  I already downloaded the latest driver/software for the Gearbox and Toneport UX2 before posting this thread.  I need a direct link to a driver that has updated Windows 8 support because they don't list any after going through those drop down menu's.

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