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Sitar Sound

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Hello All,


I have a Spider V 120 and I am trying to create a sitar sound like used in songs like Painted Black... Beatles songs etc... not so much the droning but something for short solos.


I love the sitar sound that is in the Variax guitar but I don't always use my Variax when out gigging so I was hoping to program in a pre-set in the amp that sounds like that Variax option.  When not playing the Variax, I play an Epiphone Hollow Body that has both humbucker pickups and a nanomag pickup for a more acoustic sound.  So... what I really want is Epiphone into the Spider V and out of the speaker comes a sitar sound.


Any suggestions?  Thanks!





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There isn't any specific effect to give you a sitar sound in Spider V.  You can get close to a sitar sound by wrapping a piece of aluminum foil around the strings near the bridge. 

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