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Spider IV: Cannot find setup for proper distortion sound

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Hello guys, I got the Spider IV 15 amp and some cheap entry-class guitar (beginner here). I am currently trying to play the beginning of the harmony solo of Metallica's Master of Puppets. However I cannot find proper settings on the amp to get the sound that I like. For reference, I am trying to get it to sound like in this video - the harmony solo begins at minute 3:33: 




The only way I can get this distorted, nasaly but still powerful tone is by turning up the drive knob. However, this also seems to add "tone extension" for lack of a better word (sorry i'm german). What i mean is that when I increase the drive, then all notes play for like 10 seconds unless i would mute them. Now as a beginner i don't know if this is actually the technique i have to apply here, but at least I don't see the girl in the video muting each string after playing it? Can't the amp create this distortion effect without extending the tone for so long? Because with upped drive, after the first couple of notes i play it sounds like trash because all previously played notes are simultanously played and it just adds up more and more notes at the same time.


Basically what I need is the short "playback length" of a clean setting, but instead of clean tone have a distorted tone. But still with the same "playback length". 


Hope I could somehow put into words what I mean :D


Thanks for advice!




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It appears from your comments that you have the reverb (or delay) turned up too far.  Choosing the particular preset (A, B, C, D) also sets the reverb/delay and other things like Drive and bass and treble.  So just turn down the reverb!

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