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Total Beginner Needs A Good Tone !


Good day everyone !


I just had a pod xt live from my friend from France who gave it to me as a birthday gift !


Thing is that, this is my very first digital pedal board and I don't really know how to configure the tone that I wanted even after reading the manual.


I wanna play rhythm guitar and I need a slight distortion tone similar to this guitarist in this video.

Time in the video 0.33 ~ 0.52






The sound seemed to be panned all the way to the rhythm side by the youtube uploader.


Can someone create a tone something that is similar with this, using pod xt live??

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hey buddy.


I tried to complete the task of making a distortion/clean sounding setup. Though i dont have pod xt live, im using a pod hd300 but i do hope you do have the same amps /effects etc in pod xt live.


I used:


Amp: Hiway 100 custom (green light)

Drive 89,bass 54,mid 59,treble 55, pres 0 , ch vol 49

Cab Model: 4x12 hiway with a 57 off axis , 12 E.R.


DT: Class=A/B , Topology 1 , mode: pent


Fx1: Tube driver (pre) Bass 63,mid 41 , treble 44, drive 19 , output 52

Didnt use any fx2 or fx3

Reverb (post) : pre-dly 15ms,decay 34,tone 50,mix5, set as room


Gate: tresh -60dB,decay 11, mode=off


Vol : pre


hope it could help you out finding the tone or being able to use the setup ive made. If so .. hope you liked it !

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