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Mobile pod guitar tone


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I am trying to use Mobile Pod 2.0 on a iPad with Cubasis 2.0 on the same iPad for recording. I think the presets included don't sound very good, and am starting to think that Mobile Pod is an app you can't take seriously for recording. I just expect better sound from it after using an HD500X into a Fender tube amp. I could run my HD500X into the Sonic Port guitar input, but in order to use Sonic Port, I have to have Mobile Pod running and the guitar going through it to get to Cubasis. I don't believe Sonic Port works without Mobile Pod, but maybe it does and I don't know how to set it to do that.


1. Is anyone satisfied with the guitar modeling of Mobile Pod? Is it just good for practicing and not meant for producing guitar tone that sounds great like an HD500 pod or other pods?


2. Often the interlink between Mobile Pod and Cubasis gets unlinked and I have to restart Mobile Pod and then start Cubasis afterwards to get it going again or just go through the motions of setting the routing for the track I am set to record from Mobile Pod to use Mobile Pod to get it to work again. I think maybe using the "undo" function to undo what I just recorded disconnects the interlink connection. Anyone had this problem?


3. I have two expensive monitors I am trying to use connecting to Sonic Port (not VX) and it does not have monitor outputs like VX does. I have two choices, use the headphone output and split into the two speakers with 1/8" jack 1 into 2 cable adapter (which lacks in volume greatly when using) or run the amp output into a 1/4" jack 1 into 2 splitter  (which I have not tried yet since I need the splitter). Is it do-able for me to try to use Sonic Port with monitors or should I just dump the it for the VX model?


If anyone has experience with this, please tell me what you have learned. Thank-you.


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