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  1. Most likely the PU selector switch is bad. My JTV-89F had only 3 models on a 5 model selector, 1 and 3 were the same, and 4 and 5 were the same models. I replaced the selector switch I ordered from Full Compass, and it solved the problem. It was that way new, but I never listened close enough to notice that there were not 5 different sounds for one setting choice, only 3. I soldered in the part myself and it has been working fine since then. The only way I knew was by connecting it to theWorkbench HD and saw the selector switch showed in it only a switch of models on 1,3 and 5. Often people think that switches need the contacts cleaned inside with some cleaner, but more often than not, the contacts need some lubrication so they slide across one another smoothly which helps make good contact. Cleaning just makes it worse IMO.
  2. I can only speak for myself. My FX100 works fine. I don't have any bluetooth issues, and it works okay. Dialtech, how many of these models you mention have you tried out yourself?
  3. Start over with the firmware update and see if it will start the process again and finishes. If not do the factory reset then try the update again.
  4. Maybe your phone has an issue with its BT. BT only goes so far so make sure you aren’t very far away. The BT antenna is in the little box on the rear of the FX and when on the floor is not the best place for connecting to.
  5. No. The BT is for connecting the FX100 to the Amplifi app. The usb is for connecting digitally to a pc for updating and possibly recording through DAW software using the usb driver for the FX. It wasn’t made to bluetooth to headphones.
  6. Hopefully you weren’t in the middle of the firmware update when the power went down. If not then cycle the unit’s power and reconnect the usb to your pc and try the update again. If power was removed during the firmware being written to the unit, you might need to reset to factory settings, and call Line 6 support.
  7. It seems you don’t have a internet connection on your device with the app to load tones from Line 6 cloud. Make sure your phone or pad is connected to the internet and bluetoothed to the FX. It is not referring to the firmware from the cloud. To update the firmware you need a pc connected via the FX usb port and the L6 updater.
  8. You should download the user pilot manual if you don’t have it. You can record with a DAW program on a pc using the usb connection. If you want hardware recording then you have to use the headphone output. Don’t listen to the comment that the Amplifi models never worked right.
  9. My Schecter Hellraiser FR-S has active EMG bridge humbucker and a neck Sustianiac PU, while my Schecter Avenger FR-S has a passive Seymour Duncan humbucker.
  10. You gave insufficient info. What was the message you got when you tried to do the update? This may seem like a dumb question, but did you turn on the guitar by pressing on the tone bank selector button?
  11. I ordered a replacement switch assembly that included the little pc board and replaced it myself (Line 6 service is closed) using my great technician skills. After testing it for different models tones in all 5 positions and checking that it did switch to all 5 using Workbench HD, I can say that the problem is resolved. The guitar works fine now. Part was ordered from fullcompass.com . I think the guitar always had this problem and I never tested it in all 5 selector positions to see if it changed tones. It wasn't until I used WB HD that I did not use much, I discovered I had a problem. There are two parts to the switch, one is for the magnetic pickups used when modeling is off, and one is for when it is on. The part used for modeling puts out different voltage levels for each position. Mine put out only three unique levels for position 1, 3 and 5. 4 was the same as 5 and 2 was the same a 1 when I measured the output voltages after installing the new switch I measured 5 different voltages. Glad it is fixed and working as it should.
  12. I am sending it in to Line 6 rather than taking it to the local places. I think it is a selector switch assembly issue and has always been that way, but I never knew it. The guitar works fine and the models that I made and downloaded work fine as long as they are not stored in the locations selected by position 2 or 4. Those models work when selected through HD Workbench, just not through the position selector switch.
  13. I have tried reflashing it, and the process works fine. I have tried older firmware versions and the switch still still does not select the 2 and 4 position models. I think it is something to do with the position switch assembly even though it works when the modeling is off and it just switches the coils in the pickups. All 5 positions work and have a unique sound when modeling is off. I believe the guitar was always like this since it was new, and I just never tested all the models to see if they were all accessible through all the switch positions. Line 6 support wants me to take it in to a local service business. Can you or anyone check your JTV-89 or 89F to see if your position switch functions as it should by trying the models in all 5 positions and see if they are different and what they should be when the model knob switch is ON?
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