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  1. I thought I would try one more thing before starting the service ticket, I had sold a POD 3XL to a friend at work last year when I picked up an HX Stomp. He has let me play with it this last week and once I had all the drivers updated it has allowed me to update the firmware to the latest 2..23 version with Line 6 Monkey and now the new style Variax VDI USB interface is working with Monkey and Workbench HD software to edit my variax settings. Thanks for being a responsive network for people with questions, I learn a lot from just reading all the questions posted, hopefully this one will help someone else in the future.
  2. I have the interface to from the computer directly to the Guitar, so I understand that I need to power the guitar from the battery. I've also seen posts and instructions for the usb interface talk about the 1/4" jack needing to have a cable plugged in. I'm getting a green light for both the couputer side and guitar side of the interface.
  3. Just picked up s/n W1201xxxxx earlier this month, been loving it. Got my VDI-USB interface yesterday. I'm getting two green lights on the interface when I connect the guitar and interface to the computer. Monkey is listing an unknown firmware with 1.03 as the newest firmware for the interface. Update doesn't work. Any ideas for the next step?
  4. When did the newer board get cut into the production?
  5. Late to the party but just picking up a used JTV-59 this week. It took me a while to finally get my hands on one that I could play long enough to decide the neck really does feel good in my hands and the mag pickups sound good to my ears, so even if the electronics lose their function the guitar will still get played. Similar to my VG Stratocaster, it is still an American Standard Stratocaster with all that sound and playability even if the electronics die. The JTV-59 will give me more of electronic fun stuff to play with, and I like it has an ON/OFF switch. With the way electronics shrink, and considering it is a decade since these were designed, I would think building the next gen as a swappable board could be relatively easy. If someone at Line 6 wants that to happen... If the desire is to make the routed area as compact as possible for the next gen, then we maybe out of luck.
  6. I'm picking up a JTV-59 after years of looking and not pulling the trigger. However last year I switched over to an HX Stomp and sold my POD X3L so I don't have anything with the interface. The JTV-59 I'm getting is used and only has the battery charger with it. Anyone else in the USA with an unused USB interface that they want to see get some use?
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