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Using Line 6 Sonic Port To Record From Ipad Directly Into Daw?

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I'm looking to purchase the Sonic Port but I need to know if this is possible:

 What I want to do is be able to record sounds (from music apps like beatmaker2,imaschine,ielectribe,ikaossilator,etc...) from my ipad mini directly into my DAW (pro tools) sessions via my mbox 2 using the line 6 sonic port.

 So in theory my ipad mini will be connected to the line6 sonic port, and the 1/4 cables will feed from the line6 sonic port into my mbox.... So that when I activate/enable a track, it will be allow me to record "live" into that track.

Is this possible? Everything I've read about the sonic port seems like its intended to be used to record "into" the ipad, where as I want to record from the ipad (if that makes any sense).

TL:DR- I want to be able to play music on my ipad and record it into pro tools sessions, and I'm looking for a solid interface that will allow me to do this. 

I'm also not sure if its possible to record in stereo, or just mono?

Is the line6 sonic port the best product (for the price) for accomplishing this?

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I would also be very interested in the answer to this as it pertains to my situation as well.


I want to record some guitar through amp modelling apps (such as Mobile Pod, JamUp Pro XT, and BIAS) into Pro Tools on my MacBook.


The Sonic Port seems capable, but what is the proper connection to my Pro Tools interface (Mbox Mini 2), Line in, Mic in, or Direct in?


What kind of signal is the top 1/4" jack actually sending? Documentation says guitar/line level. These are two different kinds of signals. Is it instrument level (like plugging into the guitar input of a tube amp) or is it line level? Or does it change from one to the other? Is there a switch, or does it happen automatically? I'm lost.


I initially tried connecting the guitar/line out signal into a line in on my Mbox, but it didnt seem to work right. The signal was very weak, even with the input trim on the Mbox at maximum.

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To answer your question.  YES!


The demo video that was made for the Sonic Port by Line 6 was with the line out going directly into an audio interface then Pro Tools.

The proof is here...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frxCgs-Kjng   The guitar player that made the demo video for Line 6 ran right into Pro Tools. Here is the Line 6 demo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTyyuuq68Lw (you'll see the solo at 43 seconds in)



I have recorded directly into Garageband and Logic using the 1/4" output from the Sonic Port.  It is a line level signal and nothing special is needed to do this.  I plugged my guitar into the sonic port, ran the 1/4" output directly into my audio interface (TC Electronic Impact Twin) which feeds my DAW (Garageband or Logic Pro).  Your audio interface should have a button for your inputs to switch between PAD/Instrument level signals.  You have to choose the instrument setting as I did on my interface.  


Check out my clips I made with my Sonic Port running directly into Garageband.  Jazzy and Mobile POD Test were both made using the Sonic Port


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