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Connecting Pod 500hd And Dt25 For Home Composing/re(ording

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I would like to hear some views on connecting up my pod 500hd and dt25 to my macbook for the purposes of a) looping, layering and general composing and song writing, and b) recording tracks with a good tone.


Since I don't have an external soundcard, I'm looking at using the pod as a soundcard but can't figure out a good reamping strategy in connection with the dt25.


The dt25 sits between my monitors (which play the drums and bass) and I like hearing the dt25 speaker more than going through the pod to the laptop and to the headphone out to the mixer and finally monitors.


I'd like to be able to catch the clean tones, and send my live guitar part to the dt25, and sending the recorded tracks to the pod and then to the monitors, with reamping as I'm still working on tones.


Is this possible to set up? do I need to add an additional soundcard?

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