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  1. Apparently NO ONE can hear the difference.
  2. Sorry if i sound like a new player, but I've been playing about 20 years now. I want SSS, for the bright twangy sparkly fender sound, for cleans, blues, mild stuff, bit of crunch. I'd rather pay for a better guitar right off the bat than change out pickups and wiring (which I've done before, just not interested in it in the slightest). I'm not a broke lollipop student needing to pinch pennies, so I can afford a nice package over diy, but neither am I stinkin rich :) You might be right about a blind test, I've never done such a test so I don't know. On the other hand, I don't think a blind listening test tells everything i want to know about a guitar either. Ymmv. I'm saving now anyway, so by the time I've gotten up to MIM I'll see if I wanna save some more or not :)
  3. Thanks guys but my question is more about the dt amp than the guitar... will I find myself wanting a better amp to match the better guitar? The american strat is nearly three times the price of the dt. Is that too much of a difference?
  4. Hey all, I am considering getting a Fender Standard Strat, but I'm unsure whether to go with a Mexican or pay for the American. My chief concern is to get a good tone, and very playable guitar. I will not be gigging (which is a good reason for a mexican), nor will I be doing anything professional, it's just to get myself a really nice guitar. It will be played into a DT25 for the foreseeable future (since I'll be paying it off for forever) and my real concern is, is the DT25 good enough of an amp to justify getting the more expensive guitar? I'm afraid that the guitar would be 'too good' for the amp, requiring me to upgrade the amp eventually to get the best from the guitar... any chance of that happening? At the moment I have an ec-1000 which is somewhere between the mexican and american strats, pricewise, but it's a les paul copy with humbuckers and I really want a lovely clean tone. Suggestions welcome!
  5. I think it doesn't matter if its channel volume or pod master, the only thing that produces tube tone is how loud the overall rig is playing at. The advantage of adjusting channel volume is its saved with the patch. Louder rig=more tube distortion. Both pod master and dt master do the exact same thing (uless you use the dt fx loop), so it makes no difference which you crank, only getting more volume out of the speaker gets you more tube tone.
  6. You have enough amps already. Learn to play better instead of buying more gear.
  7. ... or you could donate those few thousand dollars of a price difference to a charity that feeds starving children, and they might get to live once.but yeah, if your tone is better, why not
  8. Does the orange go into high gain territory or is it intended mostly for clean tones? I'm looking for some stoner/sludge tones and the modern oranges are very popular.. not sure about the vintage though..any thoughts?
  9. Mine is the same, but the potential for mistake is still there.
  10. I've got my dt25 connected from its direct out to a mic preamp. Working fine, but I'm looking at that little phantom power button now and then in a suspicious way. Anyone knows what happens if you apply phantom power across the direct out?
  11. I feel sorry for todays youth. If they can't learn it in five minutes on youtube, they give up.
  12. I used a matched pair of jj's bihsed to 25mv and they lasted 3 months of mild use before one melted. Second matched pair lasted about the same. So, being in a pinch, I used the surviving tube from the first and second pairs together, totally unmatched and out by 15mv if I remember correctly. These have lasted muoh longer. There is a deep low humming from the amp which is the only issue I've noticed. I've heard rumours that running unmatched tubes can magnetize your output transformer, but others have said that this doesn't matter and is nothing to worry about. You probably want to get the bias sorted tho. You don't need to disassemble the amp; you remove the two woooen slats from the back (the combo I presume) and stick a multimeter into the measuring holes. Its a bit fiddly, and a torch and mirror can help you at first, but when you know what you're trying to hit it's easy. I took my head out of the combo the first time, to get a better look at it, now I just poke around by feel till I get the reading.
  13. If the orange gets good reviews I'd give $20 for it. Couldn't care less about the rest of em, I already have more amps than I know what to do with [i use only 3-4 of em)
  14. Whats actually wrong with your amp? My dt25 lvm can sometimes be louder than non-lvm. I asked line6 and they said that is normal/expected in some cases.
  15. There's no difference between having the Master high and the channel vol low, and the Master low and channel high, apart from the fact that the channel volume is saved with your patch. So I tend to set the channel volume in the middle, and then adjust it up and down so one patch/preset is levelled compared with the next. Finally I set master to suit the room volume I want (mine never goes above 9o clock in my small studio room)... so with this setup I dent get drastic volume changes when changing patches, and when it starts to get late, I turn the master lower so as not to annoy neighbours. All the relative volumes between patches remain the same. I'm not pushing the amp hard enough to get proper tube distortion I guess, but most of my tone is coming from some fuzz pedals anyway, so I don't mind.
  16. Lets replace the singer with a speech synthesizer while we're at it. All the same arguments apply.
  17. Having used line6 for a few years now, I am sad to say that I am not at all surprised. It's just typical of their gear. The idea of user-friendly is rather alien to them, and now they've met their perfect match in Yamaha. There's no way in hell I'll be putting money into a line6-yamaha overengineered halfbaked user hostile gearpile. I will buy a musical instrument instead.
  18. I'll be real careful with my next pair of jj's and see if they last longer.
  19. Line6 support told me that it was quite ok to switch through the preamp models at will. Although they've been full of it more often than not. Where did this 5 second suggestion come from?
  20. What are you comparing those eh's against?
  21. Their advert had a hipster, with a longboard in the background. My honest opinion is that this is a product for hipsters, not guitarists.
  22. You're just trying to drum up some business for your crappy 'tech service' business by scaring folks. Shame on you.
  23. Sorry, which exact parts of the processor board get damaged by jj's again??? And you say it is due to the fact that their curve doesn't quite match the eh's..?
  24. Yep, thanks for asking. The tube protection fuse went. I'v a 315mA in there now until I find a 375mA. Seems ok so far. Works using the eh's which I put in when troubleshooting, and not the jj's which were in it at the time the fuse went. I'll give them a try soon and see what happens, but wouldn't be surprised if one died and took the fuse with it. I'm gonna try a colder bias (20mv?) with the next jj's. I'm hoping that some of the tube gurus will suggest a reasonable bias value rathe than more scaremongering about needing to use eh's because of magic characteristic curves and bogners hot rod design. That's all just guff.
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