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  1. I might be mistaken, but isn't the pods XLR out mic level? Which means they'll be much quieter than the 1/4" sockets...
  2. I'd say its working as designed, but customer expectation would be that the fx loop always works. The signal from the direct out is mic level and varies with the master. I do like this: set master pretty low. Set channel volume to taste. You can also set pod hd500 master lower if thats in the chain*. Then run the direct out to a good mic preamp. This gives me low room volume, fx loop and a usable direct signal. I wouldn't commit to a serious recording \ike this but its fine for scratch tracks or composing, jamming, etc *this is preffered over channel volume if you have pod fx after the preamp. Channel volume attenuates aft'r the preamp, then come possible effects, then the pod master attenuates as the signal leaves the pod and enters the dt25. I don't know if the dt master is before or after the fx send but its definitely before the return :( I don't use the fx loop much, perhaps someone else can chime in for that
  3. 'expected' is a bit of a loaded term. Sure, teh fx loop doesn't work with LVM, but personally I think LVM sounds bad anyway, and I don't use it, so the fx loop thing doesn't bother me. Turning the channel volume down works better than LVM for low volume, for me.
  4. Anyone know what the max input signal voltage to the dt25 is before it starts clipping the input? I'm thinking in connection with boost pedals and other very hot output pedals.
  5. New tubes in, and biased. They sound fine, and as mentioned, much less noise
  6. We've all skipped a heartbeat at some point with this thing. Share your brown trousers stories here! One classic moment was the first time I updated the firmware... very late at night, total silence, and it was working away and i was doing something else and POP! I almost died of fright. My other fave was recently, when I tried testing the direct out in various modes. I put my re20 space echo pedal in the fx loop and turned up all the knobs. The amp was in standby. Everything was totally silent (again, late night with the kids in bed). I could see the effect on the direct out since I watched my signal level on my mixer stay high after hitting a chord. Then, with the master down, i turned the amp on and found out that the fx return comes in after the master, cos I got a massive blast of squealing feedback.
  7. Hi, I noticed recently that HD500 Edit keeps toggling the amp model off every time I do something... for instance, if I drag an effect to move it from one position to another, when I release it, there is a quiet crackle from the amp, and the amp model turns off. I can turn it back on just fine, but it'll turn it off again next time I move a pedal/effect.. I'm using HD500 with my pod 500hd while it's connected to my DT25 via line6 link, which is NOT currently connected via midi. This problem only came up recently and I'm damned if I can think of what I might have done to cause it...
  8. I will return both. I think it's unlikely that there's a problem with the socket since I put my old tubes back in and they are working fine. The tubes were tested and matched very closely in the store, I have a print out of that test result somewhere. The bias for my old tubes was 25mV and 26mV. There was no hum or noise, in fact I thought the JJs had a MUCH lower noise floor (couldn't tell the amp was on just by listening, until I touched the guitar, then it was loud as hell). I'm just gonna return the pair, purchase new ones, and get store credit if the returned pair show up as defective.
  9. No, they were melting before I got a chance. Can the bias be so off for matched tubes that it'd destroy them in minutes? I read about people letting the tubes warm up for an hour before biasing, so I figured I didn't need to do it immediately.
  10. Ok, I turned the amp on just now, and when I went from standby to on, I immediately noticed something was up. Even with the master down there was a lot of noise and crackles. The tubes were also very bright. When I flipped the switch to Class A, the whole side of V3 started glowing cherry red. Bad tube? I put my stock tubes back in (1 year, lightly used) and they are MUCH quieter than the JJs, but luckily the amp is still working fine. Should I return the JJs? I used them for a total of 20mins yesterday, 15 seconds today.
  11. The jj el84s are supposed to make a bright flash when turned on, right? Are they also much louder than the stock?
  12. Meambobbo guide has good tips on a clean tone. Part of his tone is due to running the clean signal in parallel with a blackface
  13. I just put a pair of jj el84s into my dt25. The hissy constant noise floor is totally gone. Otherwise sounds much the same, but I've yet to turn it up toeany appreciable volume
  14. Pods master 1/4" out to receivers input (probably rca). any line level input will be fne, probably called Aux, CD, Media, or &imilar. Basically anythng apart from 'phono'
  15. 1) its gone, although some of the modelled amps might sound similar, who knows. 2) you don't need an amp. Crappy speakers or headphones work, although its _way_ more fun to use an amp. You'll probably not experience much of what the pod has to offer through computer speakers. 3) no.
  16. Yeak you can wire up the pod as you mentioned and just use the fx.In my opinion however, the pod is best at amp modelling, and the effects take second stage. I would be looking at something like the boss ME multieffects too, if I were you. If you DO like the sound of the pod fx, the line6 m13 is basically just the effects part, or the hd300 contans the same fx as the 500x but is cheaper.
  17. Now would be an excellent time for a 'I told you so!' :) And my personal favorite annoying quote 'if it sounds good it is goood!' As you pointed out, post preamp effects benefit from the ability to attenuate.
  18. I ended up getting the micro terror and am pretty happy with it. I keep the tone between 12 and 1 and turn the gain nearly all the way up and that's my sweet tone right there. I took a few attempts at A/Bing it with the pod hd500 and dt25 but didn't really manage to get that crunch nailed yet. Got close with the p-75, a gibtone 1x12, line6 drive and two eqs but it's still not there.. possibly due to my lack of pod skills, I don't know. Pretty pleased with the micro terror all the same! I know what you mean about the directional icepick, but I tried the micro terror on a 2x12 with some unknown speakers and a 1x12 v30 but they sounded boxy and flat where the dt25 had bass and thump and fullness. Some of that could be the room tho.
  19. just to confirm: Low Volume mode OFF: Amp On (not in standby): FX Loop heard on direct out Amp Off (in standby): Nothing Low Volume Mode ON: Amp On (not in standby): FX Loop NOT present on direct out Amp Off (in standby); FX Loop NOT present on direct out So the only time it works is when the amp is fully on. I noticed another odd thing while trying this (I've no wish to repeat this experiment) is that the fx return seems to come in AFTER the Master vol.. does that make sense?? I had the master fully down but could still hear the fx loop return. I should NOT have used my re-20 space echo in self oscillation mode for this test! I got extremely loud feedback :O
  20. Let's agree to disagree then :) It's not a toolbox... a room full of amp heads, cabs, speakers, attenuators, tubes, stomp boxes, guitars and pickups is. Line6 is taking all of that, cramming it into a small and cheap box. So, swiss army knife.
  21. Not sure it helps, but when I got my dt25 I heard aeclear difference between odirect into the dt25 and with the hd500 via line6 link. Much heated discwssion on the forum and with line6 support. Many cdaims saying that the pods preamps were identical to the dt25 but I could very easily hear a difference, the pod was all flat and one dimensional, with a rough, almost bit-reduction grainyness and quite compressed. I went through every setting (the output was at combo soi left it that way). Finally noticed that although the output mode was set to combo automatically by the link, when I manually changed it to studio direct to test (while connected via l6 link), and then back to combo, suddenly it worked! Problem gone, and never reappeared. All output modes sound different now but none sound like the problem I had. Pretty sure I stumbled upon a bug there, but line6 have not commented. I am pretty sure I didn't do anything else than cycle the output modes a few times. Worth a try at least.
  22. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my rig too. It's essential to me, since I practice in an apartment with two small children sleeping in the next room. I also like to play a few covers, and the pod/dt25 combo has that totally nailed. However, it also reminds me a bit of a cover band; can sound pretty good and interesting, but somehow it's never the original. I find myself playing more original material these days, and searching out a tone or two to call my own. The dt25 again has been pretty good for helping me put sounds to terms like british crunch, grit, sag and so on. So it's pretty nice for learning but I'm starting to think now I wanta real british crunch amp, marshal or orange, and just get good tone without faffing around with all the flexibility and options, which are becoming a distraction and an annoyance. And I think thats the main point, I want gear that just sounds right, without needing a shedload of dsp tweaking and experimentation. The only thing stopping me pulling the trigger on an orange is the volume issue; most of my playing is at acoustic guitar level, or headphones, and I'm a bit scared of buying a 50w or 100w until I get a rehearsal room.
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