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  1. Exactly what I assumed when I gave it some thought and it makes sense. s
  2. I did some recording last night and noticed the 1st repeated note is signficantly louder and it was obvious seeing the waveform on the screen I adjusted the recording volume on Cubase to sound a bit more even. This morning I was thinking perhaps the mix setting is too high. Oddly, it wasn't noticeable when I wasn't recording. I tend to agree with that, since you can't change it to ON globally. I guess if you switched to pedalboard mode it'd always be on every time you hit the effect; how many use the POD in pedalboard mode though? s
  3. Was always the case; check your Advanced Guide. s
  4. In a way, yes but I find using Digital Delay; with the mix at 100%; you don't hear the note you strike, only the delayed note; so a happy medium to get the same volume from the note I strike and the volume of the repeat note is setting the mix around 65%. I'm having some success towards what I want; I've learnt a lot on how the delay's work thanks to you guys. I did test out assigning two instances to one footswitch and noticed how much turning trails OFF helped. I have to practice my technique too; I may be able to get away with not having to toggle if I palm mute at the right moment but it does sound cleaner toggling. I can get away with the feedback around 90% and hearing a faint 8th repeat but any higher and the volume just goes crazy. s
  5. Very interesting; So, to turn the delay fully off I'll also have to assign an identical preset with no delay. I'll definitely give that a go. Trails is assigned per preset though, right? s
  6. Basically: 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4, change chord and play it on the next beat to continue with 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 of the next chord with a seamless change in between the two chords Close; with a slight decay so it doesn't sound like I'm strumming 8 times. The Joyo comment was in response to NucleusX; just mentioning that I have another effect should I need to experiment further. I've yet to try this song with the Joyo, not sure if it can do it either. I do remember when I first got it that it was giving me a great delay sound with very little tweaking and good features. s
  7. Yep, it's definitely after the amp on the HD500; last item in the chain; I'm currently testing it on monitors not an actual amp. s
  8. Good explanation; I knew it was the ratio of wet/dry effect. It starts to sound "spaceship" before it gets to ring out as far as I want. I'm using the Angel F-ball with no other effects and playing distorted power chord; I think this is the problem, the feedback starts to increase and gets louder. I'm at 600ms and would like to get 8 repeats out of one strum; I also notice when I switch to the next chord there's too much noise and it's not a clean change. I'm thinking of assigning feedback to the exp. pedal; it's going to take some fancy footwork to get this right live and I may have to look for a different way to play it; perhaps strumming every 4 or even 2 repeats. I'll try experimenting with the Joyo and see if that's any better. s
  9. Thanks guys; your comments have helped. I think the HD500 is limited in the delay effects. For what I'm doing I'm finding some of the delays I had ignored are doing the job, though I would prefer it without the L&R speaker swapping on some and not exactly sure what some of the parameters do; ducking, thresh, spread, offset, etc.? I previously favouring Digital but it tends to get out of control when the feedback is high and you leave it repeating a while. I also bought a Joyo D-Seed for when I went on tour last year; much easier to lug and combined with a Metal Zone was a good bare bones option. I was just hoping I could get an effect close to this with the HD500. s
  10. Hi all. I'd like a repeat effect where I strum a power chord once and this chord is copied and repeated with a very slight decay. I've tried the delay effects on the board and they seem to only repeat the chord once, it's weak sounding and decays so rapidly I can't hear the third, fourth, repeats. The delay effects seem more for soloing. I suspect it could be my settings or perhaps I should be tweaking or adding one of the modulation effects; I took a look at some modulation effects and although they do repeat the chord well, they all sound too swooshy, phased, etc. Can the HD500 do a good clean repeating effect for power chords? s
  11. Does it have an inbuilt sound card? Can I plug it straight into a programme like Cubase, etc. like I do with the POD HD500? s
  12. Hurghanico had replied but he deleted his reply. Here was what he had written; FX/amp chain order: Les Paul bridge PU HD in single input approach MXR Dyna Comp (Red Comp) Dual Rectifier (treadplate) with presence at 70% MID FOCUS EQ with HP FREQ and GAIN at 0%, and LP FREQ at 70% or less Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (analog chorus) Digital Delay with Time at 20ms Chamber reverb He also put up a soundbyte and it sounded really good. s
  13. Thanks, that sounds pretty awesome. There's one tone that I've been curious about recently; if you've been watching Vikings it's right at the end of the intro @ 0.46 ^ In this version the tone seems to pulsate; I'm almost sure when I watch it on TV it rings out very steadily; they probably fade it out early. s
  14. If you have the time; I'm after this tone: @ 5.25 and this tone at the end: @ 7.48 s
  15. Any luck? I'm after this tone: and this tone at the end: s
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