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  1. I am the only one that after updating to 3.0 is constantly losing usb connection ? I am on a windows 10 pc, all drivers are up to date
  3. Twelve foot Ninja uses Line6 Helix and variax guitars
  4. which distortion model on the helix closest to the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone ?
  5. You've Got Another Thing Coming = judas priest Ypu really got me = van halen
  6. on my Blackstar Ht-5R amp I have the option to switch the effect loop to -10dbmv or +4dbmv wich level should I use for the 4 cable method ? anyone got experience with this amp model with the Helix ?
  7. Tanks Rick, the biggest issue I have is that I play at low volume (I live in a appartement) and everyrhing works fine with the loop until I bypass the amp's preamp then I have no more control on my amp and the volume is cranked to 11 (movie reference) so then I have tu turn down the helix master volume and after I go back to my amp pre the volume is way too low... I hope I explain this correcrly cause my primary language is french 😀
  8. Anyone else is using a blackstar ht5r with the HELIX and have trouble keeping a even volume when changing from the blackstar preamp to the helix preamps when using the 4 cables method ?
  9. I connected my bass on the Helix for the first time yesterday, the bass is a yamaha RBX800A, it is a bass with active pickups so I connected it to the Aux port(like the manual says), all the default bass presets seem to miss some punch and volume, I had the crank to volume a lot more than with my guitars, anyone else tested a active bass on the helix and got the same results ? Or maybe you got good presets to share, I am looking for the Flea tone and also geddy lee's tone
  10. anyone knows how I could set my global eq on the helix or could share some tweaking tips with using monitor speakers ? I am connected like this: JTV89 trough VDI --> Helix XLR L/R out --> Scarlett 6i6 --> M-audio av40 The Frequency Response of the av40 is: 85 Hz – 20 kHz
  11. is it normal that the output volume is much lover on the 1/4" output compared to Spdif ?
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