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  1. I am the only one that after updating to 3.0 is constantly losing usb connection ? I am on a windows 10 pc, all drivers are up to date
  2. https://github.com/b-vesco/vesco-helixpresets/releases/download/2.80.0/2.80.0-FACTORY.OLD-all.zip
  3. Twelve foot Ninja uses Line6 Helix and variax guitars
  4. which distortion model on the helix closest to the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone ?
  5. You've Got Another Thing Coming = judas priest Ypu really got me = van halen
  6. on my Blackstar Ht-5R amp I have the option to switch the effect loop to -10dbmv or +4dbmv wich level should I use for the 4 cable method ? anyone got experience with this amp model with the Helix ?
  7. Tanks Rick, the biggest issue I have is that I play at low volume (I live in a appartement) and everyrhing works fine with the loop until I bypass the amp's preamp then I have no more control on my amp and the volume is cranked to 11 (movie reference) so then I have tu turn down the helix master volume and after I go back to my amp pre the volume is way too low... I hope I explain this correcrly cause my primary language is french 😀
  8. Anyone else is using a blackstar ht5r with the HELIX and have trouble keeping a even volume when changing from the blackstar preamp to the helix preamps when using the 4 cables method ?
  9. I connected my bass on the Helix for the first time yesterday, the bass is a yamaha RBX800A, it is a bass with active pickups so I connected it to the Aux port(like the manual says), all the default bass presets seem to miss some punch and volume, I had the crank to volume a lot more than with my guitars, anyone else tested a active bass on the helix and got the same results ? Or maybe you got good presets to share, I am looking for the Flea tone and also geddy lee's tone
  10. anyone knows how I could set my global eq on the helix or could share some tweaking tips with using monitor speakers ? I am connected like this: JTV89 trough VDI --> Helix XLR L/R out --> Scarlett 6i6 --> M-audio av40 The Frequency Response of the av40 is: 85 Hz – 20 kHz
  11. is it normal that the output volume is much lover on the 1/4" output compared to Spdif ?
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