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  1. I see users on Youtube with their own tones and so on, how do I get this privelage?
  2. Once again I absolutely can't thanks all of you for your help, the combination of information has changed my pOD experience to a level 1000% above above what it was before, my clean tones are great and my distorted one are even better. A great big round of cherring standing ovation style applause to one and all. :D :lol: :o :lol: :D Rock On Dragon
  3. Thanks to all whom have replied, at least I'm not nuts. Thanks again for all your help and ideas Rock On Dragon
  4. I have the POD XT Live and X3 Live and both have awesome clean tome available right off the bat, what am I doing wrong with the 500x.
  5. My question is this, Is there a deffinitave guide as to what the effects parameters for the POD DH 500X do? I know what the majority of the settings are related to, IE Feedback, Mix and so on, the ones that have me stumped are things like Spread, Offset? Looked through all of the available guides for the POD HD 500 X and the HD 500, no explanation as to how to use these setting. TIA for any help Dragon
  6. I agree with that statement, I'm now Using my HD500 without the UX2 Toneport,
  7. I get audio in using the XLR out from my POD HD500 to the XLR in's on the Toneport, I have the Analog Out connected to my computer speakers, except I only hear playback after I'm done recording? What am I missing, I have the Toneport setup for ASIO, the controll panel says it's set to playback through Out's 1 & 2.
  8. VaineDragon

    Pod Hd 500

    Metal Shop and other packs I have purchased with my XT Live and X3 Live?
  9. One thing I'm still unable to get is Re-Naming Tones. I finally got the Put/Get, but I'm not able to change the names to what I want them to be.
  10. Cool tyhanks for the info, did my screen sahot of the error not get posted? As of this moment I have also been unable to rename any of the patches on my x3 live?????
  11. Here is what I get, how do I fix this issue, and also how does one sync tones to the PODx3 live from Gearbox software, never had this issue with Editor and my PODxt Live?
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