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  1. Any luck with the compatibility settings? I forgot to mention, but I'm not using the usb audio. I have monkey, hd edit and dt editor all working ok on win8 though. I did install the usb drivers though cos I see the audio and midi devices, I just don't use em.
  2. Great! And I noticed a few of you mentioned the Divide and Gibtone in the favorite amp thread, perhaps you've a few tips on how you dial in your tone, and what cabs and pedals work well with those?
  3. Then it can only do good :)
  4. Try also disconnecting other usb devices, since the error mentions irq, its possibly some kind of resource conflict
  5. Works ok for me on a 64bit win8. I might have installed software with winxp or win7 compatibility enabled, whnch is a good trick if you're having driver issues. You right click on the exe and under properties there's aecompatibility option somewhere, sorry but I'm not at my pc right now. No idea if it helps but give it a try at least
  6. 1. Yes, sorta, its nearly 8 channel, but the knob values are always set to the physical knob position. So if the drive is up full on chan A, then thats the drive up on 4 of your presets. I don't know the other answers. I suggest you test, you'll learn more about your gear when testing it than any number of hnswers you get here.
  7. Also, that article was about summing signals, which is not what I'm talking about
  8. It adds a little latency, extra dac/adc step, but mostly becapse I also run my setup without the computer turned on. In such a situation my soundcard passes the clean guitar straight through to the pod and I get the master out into the mixer, then to speakers (or to my dt25) if I connect the line6 link). so it's a pick-up-and-go situation. But if I turn the computer on, the clean signal goes to my daw where I can record it. And its here I also want a copy of the pod master. I could send from the mixer but I'm already using the sends and group so its not ideal. Running a copy of the pod master out into the soundcard would do the trick
  9. I notice that the meambobbo guide only covers some of the amp models. Are there any plans to add these at some time? I understand the author is more into hard rock and metal tones, so perhaps contributions from players of other styles would help complete the guide?
  10. The hd500 is a backwards step when it comes to reamping. There's just no nice way of getting it working that doesn't involve swopping cables around all the time. Also, the SPID output could provide a clean signal for reamping, but unfortunately it stops working when you connect a DT amp via Line6 link, so dream rig users are out of luck there. The EQ uses useless percent values instead of Hz. There is no level metering anywhere, which is particularly important when effects in the chain can experience digital clipping. The FX Loop has a ~3db drop in gain, and introduces more noise than I think is acceptable The looper doesn't sync to midi tempo There is no global EQ It's a nightmare to manage copies of patches if you sometimes use only the pod, and sometimes a DT amp too. You need to maintain duplicates of all patches with pre and full amp models. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a cool device, but if you think there are no limitations, you haven't been using it much.
  11. im gonna guess that the attenuator is a good idea, the direct out is more or less getting the signal from the output transformer, and by that time the tube distortion has taken place. the attenuator will help you keep the stage volume reasonable when cranking the amp. i dont actually own an attenuator though, so take this with a grain of salt. cant wait to get one.
  12. reamping. plus my soundcard has 8 ins. i record other stuff too.
  13. That might be it. Is there a simple way to split the output signal? I'm looking for two stereo outs, one to the mixer, one to my soundcard for recording. Currently I'm using the phones output. Would Y cables work better? I must confess to not understanding input and output impedance as much as I should.
  14. Yeah but I'm running both into my mixer/soundcard and I can adjust the receiving channel preamp gain, so I'm not too concerned about the level. Do they sound the same?
  15. Is there a quality difference between the phones out, and the 1/4" jacks?
  16. I'm guessing the more serious guitarists are already looking to kemper or axe fx. I know I'm very unimpressed with the hd500 updates, the hd500x, and now this heap of lollipop.
  17. Any info for use withta dt25/50 amp? dual paths, cab modelling, the point in the chain where channel volume and master volumes are placed,and summing etcwhen output is unexplained with a line6 link to a dt25 amp.. Especially when low volume gets engaged, and the use of the direct out. whats going on in the chain there is a total mystery, and I've received conflicting explanations the few times I asked line6 support, so I guess they don't understand it either.
  18. innovine

    L6 Link Issue

    He said he changed cable in the original post.
  19. Most big sounds come from doubling or quad tracking the guitars. Are you doing that?
  20. Read the meambobbo guide (google it), there is a good section on stereo signal chain. It's really difficult to figure out the stereo signal path so consult the guide.
  21. innovine

    L6 Link Issue

    Broken solder joint on one of the sockets?
  22. I also don't like that low-res photo of the hipster with the longboard.
  23. i'd rather get studio monitors, and avoid all the bluetooth nonsense. I'd be surprised if the bluetooth didn't add latency, compression artifacts, noise and security issues. I don't want my speakers all pushed together into a little box, I want a proper stereo field.
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