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  1. Hi, Could I buy the the G10 transmitter/receiver, and also buy a seond G10 transmitter, then put one transmitter in Guitar A, the second transmitter in Guitar B, and be able to play either guitar through the receiver?
  2. Hi Line 6, unfortunately someone has prohibited comments from being added to this knowledgebase article, or I would have posted this there: "To rename your desired setlist within the Helix Editor 2.01, be sure to click on the setlist name with your LEFT mouse button and hold it for a second. When you use a longer mouse click you should see the cursor appear with a blue highlight. Then, you can rename your selection. This will not work within the drop-down menu. Only the selected setlist name." http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/helix/renaming-setlists-with-helix-editor-201-r829 Your current 2.0 Helix Editor's Pilot guide still says "Right click" and so it's wrong, please correct it. Just lost 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back figuring this out. And another 5 to type this. You're welcome!
  3. Ok, I'm not getting the "for a Strat and a Les Paul" part? Update - never mind, the 3rd time I read your post, I caught it. cool
  4. Hi, I'm interested in the G10 and own a Helix. I'm wondering about the cumulative latency of using both in my signal chain. That is, based on testing, is it perceptable at all in typical playing conditions? It's ok if you don't have a direct answer, but on the other hand if you can say with certainty I wouldn't be able to perceive it, that would be great information to consider as I look at buying one.
  5. OK, wow. Had I seen this thread earlier, we could have avoided all this. To the original poster: W.A.D. - Works as designed. It's a technical phrase, I'll expand on it. One should only expect what Line 6 designed for the Helix. By your words and expectations you are looking for a "amp/cab in the room" sound. Not gonna happen, nor does Line 6 claim it would. And experienced folks don't expect it. Sean Halley talks about this in more than one video that Helix sounds like you're in the control room and the amp/cab is in the studio. Hey, there's something to that. Just ask Pete Thorn: http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/23115-tone-tips-modelers-versus-traditional-rigs " If you are used to hearing an amp “in the room,†going to a modeling rig can be a difficult transition. This is because guitar amps interact with the physical space they are in, and the resulting sound you hear [from the modeler] is the sum of the amp, cab, and environment. Many folks run their modeling gear into full-range, flat-response monitor speakers (aka FRFR rigs) that are placed onstage or close to them in an attempt to recreate the amp-in-the-room feel, but in my opinion, it’s a considerably different experience from having a cranked 4x12 behind you and flapping your pant legs." He's talking about you! So, works as designed, I guess, move on as you have....
  6. That's great to hear, because it further cements my observation you guys have a really strong product team. No wonder you don't bother consolidating the requests. And once again, thanks for your positive, "no ego" approach. Even read this one thread tries my patience, and I don't even work at Line 6.
  7. OK, do I have all this right? (There's a reason I'm asking, but I'll start another post on that) I've added to the Line 6 schematic the things in yellow: So, to summarize, if you come in through the 1/4 guitar in to the AMPLIFI, the output may be mono through the main large speaker (center dry), unless you use POST effects (after the amp) and if you do, they will be played in stereo through the left/right speakers. Also, the auxiliary in is stereo and music played through a stereo 1/8" in cable will be played through all speakers. Is that all correct? Any additions? Also assume guitar in is expecting "instrument" level input, aux in expecting line level. Last, playing music through bluetooth is the same as playing through aux in. That all right?
  8. I heard by late summer. You know, first anniversary and all.
  9. Please vote if you agree or would like this feature: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/DSP-warning-on-display/802902-23508 DSP warning on display Since many times we're surprised about a DSP limit being reached (of some sort) and new users wonder why certain options are grayed out due to DSP limits. Put an indicator of some sort on the display (upper right hand corner?) that says "DSP" in yellow or something like that. This would denote "the next addition in a chain could be limited in some way due to DSP".
  10. Several have mentioned Studio Slips before - they now have a standard Helix dust cover you can order. I customized mine with a zippered pocket on top for cables, etc. and a Helix "logo" patch, as well as a flap in the back to accommodate various plugged in cables. Came out pretty cool and more importantly, functional!
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