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  1. Between the guitar and hd500, if you want the dist first in the chain. Otherwise, connect it between the fx send and fx return on the pod. You can place the fxloop anywhere in the pods chain, for example, guitar->hd500->noise gate->compressor->fx send/dist/fx return->amp. Leave the pedal always on, and engage the fxloop when you want it in your signal path. You'll need to use the line6 link for this, which you should if you have a dt amp also. Using 4cm is sub-optimal as the fx loop on the pod is quite noisy and best avoided if possible. A final option is to put things between the fx send and return on the amp, but this is mostly for reverb and delay although dist might work there too in some cases.
  2. I'm convinced it sounds good for the price, but it's hard to tell if it's different enough from the dt25 to be worth it, especially since they'll both be going through the same cab. Might just have to go test it :)
  3. The store is kinda far away so I'm just wondering if it's worth it. If I go all the way to the store I think it's unlikely that I'll return empty handed :)
  4. I sorta posted this in t_e dt25 forum but I guess its relevant here too. I've read very positive reviews of the orange micro terror, which I could run into my dt25 cab. My question is though, would this give me a decent new tone (I like orange!) to justify the cost, or would I get close enough with the dt25 (and hd500) so it'd just be redundant?
  5. My old yamaha sampler does something similar, goes backwards if you twist it forwards too quickly. It's dirt and oxides in the encoder. Have you tried spraying some potentiometer cleaning spray into it?
  6. Recently I've been playing a lot late at night with headphones in my pod hd500, and working on tones and getting rather frustrated with the whole thing. Today however the wife and kids are away, so I got to turn on my dt25 at moderate levels (still got neighbours :( and man, it all just sounds so much better. Doesn't seem to matter which settings, it's better. Any idea why? :) It's all just so much more meaty and solid, rather than fizzy. And my headphones are ok Sennheiser hd25-1-ii's. I'd just kinda forgotten how nice an amp sounds.
  7. Actually I don't hear any difference. The dt25 is MUCH quieter in the second test you describe, and I need to raise the master on the pod to 11 o lock to get a similar volume level. Maybe there's a mistake in what you described? I was expecting roughly level volumes but these are waay off. I'm using the plex 100 lead nrm pre. You didn't mention the setting for channel volume... so i put it at 100%. Test 1. With the dt25 master at 9-10 o clock, and pod master at 11 o clock. I can't really play much louder than this... Test 2. The dt25 master at 100% and the pod master at 9 o clock. This gives me the same volume level, and it sounds the same to my ears. Just in case, I miced it up (i didnt try the direct out yet) and listened to the recordings, and I can't tell the difference there either. From this I can conclude that either you made a mistake in your numbers above, or that at a bedroom volume level there is no difference whether you crank the dt25 master or lower the master and provide a stronger signal to the power section by cranking the pod master instead. As mentioned, there may be differences if you have reverb or something earlier in the chain, but I Don't hear any difference on the output of the power amp. Perhaps the amp needs to be much louder again?
  8. I'm curious about how the cab and speaker sound when driven by something else. I've been looking at an Orange micro terror. Anyone know if it would sound good? I'm after that orange tone, and am having trouble dialing it in on the dt25. Would getting the micro terror add something that I don't already have in a pod hd500 and dt25 setup? I am curious about a tiny terror too, but I'm afraid that that's going to go far beyond bedroom levels. I really need to keep the volume down.
  9. Do people still use checkbooks? :)
  10. Having ears and taste are optional extras
  11. It'll take more than an android app to get me to buy that thing.
  12. I think they are just targetting hipsters
  13. It's amazing that the thing is out several years yet its signal chain is still not fully understood.
  14. Why should they? That'd stop people buying their new things. It's not in their interest to keep releasing free updates.
  15. Oh, it's fine cos they got some kid with long hair to pose for the photo, with a longboard in the background. So that makes it ok. Kids will dig that hip stuff. It's got a groovy name too, and some stuff with clouds and bluetooth. A winner for sure.
  16. wifi in the amp seems like a cool idea. Along with the usual performance anxiety, you now need to worry about standing on front of a room full of smartphone video cameras and internet connections while everyone within a blocks radius is trying to hack your amp..
  17. lovely, an amp with wifi. now i have to worry about every jackass in the audience (and across te street) trying to hack my amp in the middle of my gig
  18. AMPLIFi. That name must have cost them millions.
  19. innovine

    Muddy Tone

    i would like to get a muddy, stoner rock tone much like the following: i just can't seem to get that abused, distressed bottom end right. My attempts are too fizzy, or the bass mud drowns out everyting else. some tips would be really appreciated as meambobbos guide doesn't go anywhere near these tones. how much of the tone is coming from the bass guitar, btw? should i be trying to do the low end on bass and the rest on the guitar or what? tips welcome!
  20. Maybe the input settings are incorrect? You can choose between variax, guitar, aux etg in the settings. Pick guitar.
  21. I haven't heard of this 7 pin thing before, but if you are building a box, don't forget to add an on/off switch. What kind of voltage is supplied anyway? if its a match for the pod you could skip the whole box thing and have a custom cable, 7 pin din contact on one end, 5pin and power jack on the other. Care to provide a bit more info on the 7pin source?
  22. The pod fx loop is pretty noisy, so my suggestion is to generally avoid it, unless you have a specific reason to use it.
  23. I've a boss ge-7 eq pedal, which is very useful, and a bass big muff pi which probably isn't to everyones taste.
  24. Alsoe I see how the pod master is useful as a gain control, but NOT how it contributes to better tone, or to replace an attenuator. (you could by the way reduce the signal by putting some level control in the amps loop, but I totall see your point and fudlyeagree that its useful)
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