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    Your Cable Solutions For 4cm?

    Maybe you guys can help me to the shortcut here..... I've got a new 50 watt head, 212 cab, and am interested in using the pod as effects for (reverb, delay, phase, etc). I'm currently running a 4 cm but my amp sounds fizzy, or over distorted. There may be a setting or something I need to dial back on the pod. Panning the right to mute, left to about 12db. I did put a studio EQ I front of e efx loop in the chain. Not sure that does anything for me....dunno. Im Also running in studio output. Are you (guys) running In combo, half stack, output? Just curious as to the variations of what is working for you. Thanks SSS
  2. Sixstringsling

    Homemade Pedalboard For Hd500

    I LOVE the EVH gear! I'd bet that is one loud room. Oh and both those gear boxes are sexy! SSS
  3. Sixstringsling

    Favorite Hd Models?

    I really dig the Mesa copy and Bogner copy, sorry can't remember the PC name ATM. They have a nice mix of gain and thump. I have a park amp patch running through an old 212 amp, that when I roll the volume up it'll kick ya teeth in....very ballsy, IMO, for all 1's and 0's.
  4. Sixstringsling

    Favorite Hd Models?

    Park, slo, jcm800
  5. Sixstringsling

    Early Evh Tone... Your Opinion Please

    I like the mesas. They can cut through the mix nicely. Dbl slo works nicely as well. You've combined them both pretty good. Early evh, the most difficult tone to chase IMHO.
  6. Sixstringsling

    Hd Volume Vs Master Volume

    Oh, nm...i do believe I have misread the manual.
  7. Sixstringsling

    Hd Volume Vs Master Volume

    To clarify, and sorry if this has been hashed ad nauseam.... Volume knob - controls AMP VOLUME ONLY? Master knob - controls everything thing running out of the HD? The handbook/owners guide suggests set at line level, and run master at full (or nearly full)....does anyone do this? If so, do you compensate with backing off levels in the mixer, or dialing down the Volume knob, or the amp volume setting? Am i missing the boat on the master volume control here? Seems, with master set to full, external speakers, particularly those with no volume control except for the HD would come apart, or take out the nearest window, or both ;) Rarely, if ever, have i toggled with the on board volume controls... i set up my patch, save it, and that's that. sss
  8. Sixstringsling

    Totally Confused Regarding 4cm :)

    Yep. You got the idea.
  9. Sixstringsling

    Totally Confused Regarding 4cm :)

    The 4cm will allow you to utilizE the preamp/distortion/clean channel of the ht5 whilst taking advantage of the effects pedals on the hd. You must use the efx loop in the signal chain which should allow you to switch back and forth between the hd amp sims and your ht5 preamp. Keep everything inside or outside the efx loop that you want to be able to switch between with the efx loop. Honestly I can't speak to any real hard and fast rules regarding which output setting you should use on your pod....I just flip through the differnt output settings whilst playing and find a setting that sounds best for me. Hope this gets you started. SSS
  10. Sixstringsling

    Hd500x Dual Tone Using 4 Cable Method Coupled With Xlr Out

    I could be misunderstanding the initial question, which is highly likely. But.... Will the fx loop in the hd patch not let you adjust send/receive/mix? Seems recently I have done this on my 500; play through amp, and power monitors with 1/4" to amp, xlr left and right to monitors simultaneously. Adjust the mix level iirc to balance the volume output. Sorry if I missed the boat on this one...just seems very familiar to me. SSS
  11. Sixstringsling

    Pod Hd500 Power Supply

    If I were using the 500 as an on stage pedal board, personally I'd rather affix a multi plug power surge protector strip (thingy) to a board, along with the 500. That would allow me to bundle the power cord from the 500 neatly, plug onto your board, Then heavy duty drop cord back to the wall receptacle/power supply....assuming its a relative distance the renders the hd cord useless.... Also, ideally this would protect your 500 from bad power, surges, browns, etcc...
  12. Sixstringsling

    Volume Increase When Pc Resets?

    I'm curious is your hd hooked to USB and PC when your computer is suddenly shutting Down?
  13. Sixstringsling

    Epic New Amp Arguing Thread, Party Like It's 2010

    If there are any gamers around (closet gamer here)....this (sorta) thing happened years ago when the coders got there hands on the particulars of RTCW and created the game ET. Of course it was shareware at that point, and a better game.... Maybe not as akin as I think....but I like the initial concept. Someone smarter than I will create something spectacular I'm sure.
  14. Sixstringsling

    Channel Switching....

    Hey thanks guys! SSS
  15. Sixstringsling

    Channel Switching....

    Contemplating a new amp; ATM looking over a Marshall DSL40c or Blackstar ht 40. Both have dual channels and come with foot switches. Will my hd 500 work as a channel switch or will the factory foot switch work in conjunction with the hd? Thanks SSS