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  1. Hello, First please accept my apologizes for my poor english... Are they some rocksmith user over here to help me to make a list of patches for Rocksmith's songs? I've made a thread on the rocksmith's website but i don't know if it's the right place or here. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/831251-Any-POD-HD500-user-(with-DT-amp)?p=9523836#post9523836
  2. Thanks dude, i was a bit lost due to the line6 link. I'm not fan of disto/overdrive plugged into the fx loop, so i will connect guitar > Satchurator -> Pod HD500 and then Pod HD500 > DT25 with the line6 link (i don't have any other pedal). TY innovine for helping me B)
  3. Hello, Could you tell me how to connect an additional distorsion pedal (Satchurator) with the pod HD500 and the DT25? Right after the guitar and then in front of the Pod using the link 6 to connect the pod to the DT25? Or should i use the 4 cables method ? Ty ;)
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