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  1. It seems like the question that needs to be asked is, "Does the XLR Left/Mono actually sum every audio signal that might exist in any patch, with no gotchas?" Seems like that was not the case with the HD500x. 1/4" Left/Mono to a DI always works.
  2. If you play a C major scale with the above stated settings, the harmony note created by the HD500 would be a major third for C, F, and G, and a minor third for D, E, A, and B. When you chose the key of C with the setting of a 3rd, you are asking the unit to provide a harmony note that is a third and in a C major scale. I am posting a complete list for you. The black letter is the note you play and the red letter is the note that the smart harmony effect creates as follows: C E D F E G F A G B A C B D
  3. It is now working fine with Chrome after problems for at least a week. Will someone own up to the fix?
  4. Turns out I am using a Variax. When I assigned the Variax to input 2 source, as well as input 1 source, the clean sound commenced. Problem solved. Seems like there is an issue when you have both sources assigned to the same instrument. I will leave it this way for now. Thanks for all help.
  5. I am seeing how the amps are selected one at a time. It looks like the author intended for the patch to be clean and dirty by alternating amps with FS2. My point is that the Enter Sandman patch referenced above only has a dirty sound upon recall. When FS2 is selected, no sound passed through the unit. I think the author made a mistake but I don't know enough to find it.
  6. The patch has 2 amps available. Footswitch 2 is programmed to select one amp or the other amp. Why does the BYP Vol knob switch back and forth to the unselected amp? When FS2 is turned off, amp B is selected. Why is no volume is passed?
  7. So you are saying in the amp section of HD edit, to lower the channel volume of the amp to around 50%. And it doesn't matter where the mixer volume is.
  8. For me, on the HD500X, when FS2 is deactivated, the signal is not allowed to pass. I am starting to think that the person who developed these patches for Line 6 made a mistake. In any event, when signal passes (F2 is activated), the creator of the patch did a wonderful job nailing the sound of the song the patch covered.
  9. The patches came from the recent 2.6 firmware upgrade. A whole new Set List of Variax sounds was created by Line 6 and both of these patches came from them so I would think that they are flawless. They are 02A Enter Sandman and 06A Pull Me Under. I zipped the two patches as it will not let you upload them with their 5xe extension. Both these patches use 2 amps. It looks like the BYP vol moves to the unselected amp which wouldn't need to pass the signal. It is at 0% like you say but it passes tone when one amp is chosen and not when the other amp is selected. I am toggling the amps with FS2 which is assigned to multiple effects. I appreciate you looking at these patches for me. entersandmanpullmeunder.zip
  10. I noticed yesterday that Enter Sandman uses FS2 as a multi. What the multi does is not only turn off and on effects, it also changes amps. And while it is turning on certain effects, it is turning off others and vice versa. E.G., FS2 multi off Reverb on Chorus on Screamer dist off Noise gate off Studio EQ off Treadplate amp off Blackface amp on FS2 multi on Reverb off Chorus off Screamer dist on Noise gate on Studio EQ on Treadplate amp on Blackface amp off That is a pretty powerful one button push. You have to have your computer HD editor software connected to figure these things out. Then you can start figuring out what the originator of the patch fully had in mind. Here is the weird part. When you unselect FX2, the patch does not pass the guitar signal. It is silent. If you go to amps and increase the BYP vol on the unselected amp, treadplate, from its default 0 to 100, the volume increases. It is a clean sound rather than distorted. Also the BYP Vol changes to the unselected amp. It is never on the selected amp. How can adjusting the BYP Vol on the unselected amp pass signal for the selected amp? Why does BYP amp jump to the unselected amp? What is BYP Vol? It looks like patch 6A Pull Me Under (Dream Theater) out of the same set list has the same type issue.
  11. I have had better results with HD500X edit by not touching anything on the HD500X while editing except for the master volume. If you touch the HD500X while editing, you never know what will happen. I have also noticed the volume issue lately. Now that it has been brought to my attention, I will try changing the patch back and forth. At least I know it is not my imagination.
  12. " You are right and you are wrong. There is no way to HD500X wah pedal without using a slot. But there is a way to use a volume pedal without using a slot as explained above by radatats. "you can free up a slot by using one of the more transparent amps like the AC15 and assigning Exp1 to the Channel Volume, no Volume Pedal block." You could always use an external wah pedal.
  13. I hate to admit that it helped me. I've been fighting that switch for months. When I took the control off, it worked every time. When I stuffed paper down the hole, it works every time. Good for you, bad for Line6 QC.
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