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FBV II, Function 1 and 2 buttons, don't know what they do


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BACKGROUND: I've recently picked up a Bass Pod XT Pro as i wanted to go to a rack setup for bass after my Hartke head crapped out. I played 100's of gigs as a guitarist with the guitar Pod HD Pro and a tube power amp and absolutely loved the ease of use at the gig and the tone too. Just turn on the rack, plug in your FBV, and all your tones for all the songs are right there at ONE press of a button.  Wah and Whammy right there as well. Amazing cleans and distortion to match a high end tube amp if you play your cards right. Love it.


So anyway, now I have this Bass Pod XT and an SS power amp and so far am impressed. Have my first bank of presets set up and will tweak my tone a bit more at practice of course, but so far so good.


QUESTION: I'm using the FBV 2 (full size controller) and just updated to latest firmware. I can't figure out what the Function 1 and Function 2 buttons are doing. They seem to be working as boost right now? I can't see either button actually turn anything on or off on the actual pod unit in any menus or on the lighted buttons. If i turn say Function 1 off by pressing it a few times, then save my patch, it comes back on if I reload the patch. This matters since the button seems to affect the tone (I could tweak either tone to live with it, but i'd rather figure this out). I have checked out the Bass Pod manual and i'm not having any luck. EDIT: Turns out function 1 turns the model FX loop on/off manually if you are using the FBV Mk2 shortboard with the Bass Pod XT Pro.


FYI I'm not using manual mode, or at least don't intend to - I use patch a,b,c,d in whatever bank i'm in - and the pod is working this way at the moment by hitting bottom left 4 footswitches.


TL;DR: What do Function 1 and Function 2 buttons on the FBV2 board with the Bass Pod XT Pro?


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I found the FBV2 manual....


"• Function 1 & 2 Footswitches (Shortboard only): By default, these toggle the Comp effect and Amp on/off, respectively, within the current preset."


still need to find out why they arent saving with the preset.


After some messing about, seem like function 1 *sometimes* turns the amp model on and off, and function 2 does boost the signal like a compressor might do if set as such but does not affect the compressor display on the screen. Seems to be looping through 3 settings. Very weird.

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New discovery. Today my octave pedal came that i put in the loop, always on, and using the loop on/off per patch to actually use it in my sound.


Turns out function 1 turns the model FX loop on/off manually if you are using the FBV Mk2 shortboard with the Bass Pod XT Pro.


I'm still not sure about function 2, wild guess is it turns the di loop on/off

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