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rewiring issues - expression pedals and FX loops


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Greetings. I am in the middle of a major rework of my Helix system. I have added 3 outboard FX units and an expression pedal. FX loop 1 works perfectly - FX 2 I cannot test at the moment, it is a talkbox, and the third FX loop is a really old vox wha pedal that works, kinda. When this pedal gets activated it drops overall output by 80 % - the wha sound right, just real quiet. The last thing I have added is an expression pedal - I am using the Ernie Ball VP Jr, and have a regular TS cable going from Exp 3 to the output jack on the unit - this is not working at all. According to other posts, this should work as wired.


I have just finished wiring all this, mounting everything into a flight case, and am starting the troubleshooting. IF you have any advice - this would be most helpful. I have band practice in about 6 hours, and it sure would be nice if these issues were resolved.



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7 minutes ago, channelk said:

 When this pedal gets activated it drops overall output by 80 % - the wha sound right, just real quiet.


Eighty percent? Holy frick. I have experienced this sometimes which is one reason why the FX blocks allow you to control the send and return volume for the FX loops. I would generally suggest you mess with those first.


However, I don't know how much good it's going to do you if it's really dropping 80%.

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FX loop 3 fixed. I had a major job rewiring this old wha pedal and had no way to tell if I got the new power connector wired correctly - I didn't. Reversed polarity and pedal now works. Only thing left now is to see if the talkbox works when I get to practice.


Fantastic! Will post pics of the new system.


Thanks for the post. 

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