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HX Stomp - Volume Knob does not alter Volume on Output L/R


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Hi there,

the HX Stomp's manual says for the volume knob (7): "Turn this knob to control the main output and headphones volume".

But on my device, it only affects headphone level - not the main outputs (12).


Is there a global setting I miss? Any other one who has this problem?

Firmware 2.71.0


Best Regards


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I think  page 41 of the manual is what you are after. Check Global Settings -> Ins/Outs -> page 3, knob 2:
Determines which signal(s) are heard from the Phones output. Normally you would set this to "Main L/R." 2 Volume Controls Determines whether the top panel VOLUME knob controls both the 1/4" main output and headphone output ("Main+HP") or just the headphone output ("Phones"). When set to "Phones" the 1/4" main outputs remain at unity gain.

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