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  1. I'm no expert, but I haven't noticed a setting for this in my Stomp or in the manual. The current system works pretty well most of the time, and is a decent trade-off between speed and accuracy, IMO.
  2. So you are complaining about a bug that is allegedly in the software, but are not willing to take the few minutes to report it, and instead will simply not use the software any more? A curious approach to the situation, that's for sure.
  3. With technology like the Helix also comes some additional complexity with respect to software and upgrades; in one sense you're trading some large amount of tonal flexibility for some higher degree of mucking about with updates and possible issues associated with updates - whether you are aware of this or not. That said, for most people the update is a one-time event, and I'm glad Line 6 decided to err on the side of providing a lot of information rather than not enough. I daresay that despite complaints from people like the OP it's saved them considerable support time and makes life easier for most customers also. Also, I would much rather Line 6 spend time on new models and software updates than a complete hand-holding updating process. Again, it's a one-time thing that takes way less than 30 minutes to work through - deal with it.
  4. I use LA compressor in a couple of patches in the 'final' block in my stomp, and noticed something a bit odd with volumes at last night's gig, but wasn't sure - due to the usual onstage chaos and poor monitoring - what the issue was. It would be nice to know this could have been the problem., so - yes - an update here would be appreciate to see if it's reproducible. Seems like an odd bug to have introduced, if indeed it is one, though.
  5. So you need an RCA plug -> 2.5mm DC plug, centre negative? This is the kind of thing you can easily make yourself once you've acquired some basic soldering + wiring skills. Maybe this is not an immediate solution, but having these skills will save you money and time; IMO these are very useful skills for all musicians. As you've found, a premium is charged for something that is just two 50c connectors + a few cents of dual-conductor cable. I had a search for various adapters, but couldn't find anything. Any results I found for "RCA plug, DC plug" would still require some basic soldering to combine two different cables in the right way. Your best bet may be to take one of the RCA -> 2.1mm DC plug cables that came with your power supply to a local tech, and get them to replace the 2.1mm plug with a 2.5mm plug (also taking into account the final DC polarity required). (FYI, "Boss Standard" is always centre negative.)
  6. Most of the time, in my experience, it takes longer to develop and test anything that involves software than people predicted, and even working out 'how much longer' then further delays release of said software. I see a bunch of people posting comments here that are the same as clients I've had in the past, and who don't fully grasp the complexities of software development and release (and that's fine, as that's not their area of expertise). You gotta just relax, let the pro's do their job, and think about something else for a while. Offering a different point of view - I have a preamp made by another company, and this company has been promising that a much-needed firmware upgrade would be released 'soon', 'in a couple of weeks' etc, for getting towards 18 months. This firmware is not even adding many new features, but rather addresses some significant issues (eg needing to double-tap a footswitch to enter tuning mode rather than having a single long press; this has already meant that this footswitch has broken on my device, and the same company can't or won't provide information on how to repair it). Line 6, by comparison, are doing bloody well, and it's not like your Helix is useless meanwhile; we're waiting for features that weren't present when we made the decision to buy, after which anything extra is a huge bonus and reflects very well on Line 6. There are many people using their Helix pretty happy as it stands now, me being one of them.
  7. I'm using the cheap and cheerful M-audio expression pedal: https://m-audio.com/products/view/ex-p Works well, but I'm not a heavy user of the expression pedal so can't attest to it's durability.
  8. Yep, AFAIK with MIDI there is no increment / decrement program change; external MIDI footswitches / controllers that allow this keep track of what program you have selected, and in response to scrolling up or down on the *pedal* send the adjusted program number to the Stomp.
  9. Definitely check out the guy suggested by arislaf above. Here's a direct link to the Youtube videos demonstrating Glenn's patches: https://www.youtube.com/user/extremevideopro/videos Gilmour patch demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgRDtXiuHJk There are are other people doing this too, Google brings forth a bunch of results. I think you'll be pretty pleased with your purchase.
  10. I think page 41 of the manual is what you are after. Check Global Settings -> Ins/Outs -> page 3, knob 2: ---- Determines which signal(s) are heard from the Phones output. Normally you would set this to "Main L/R." 2 Volume Controls Determines whether the top panel VOLUME knob controls both the 1/4" main output and headphone output ("Main+HP") or just the headphone output ("Phones"). When set to "Phones" the 1/4" main outputs remain at unity gain.
  11. It's 'you're'. We're native English speakers, right? So try and make an effort, otherwise if you can't be bothered using correct grammar and spelling then why should I bother listening to what you have to say? My basses are of standard size. They are likely both longer and heavier, or 'bigger' if you will, than your guitars. Don't let this threaten or worry you, though. Size doesn't matter. ;)
  12. I'm sure that's a big relief for everyone. I use to make and sell analog FX pedals as a second living, and I recognise in how and what you communicate the kind of customer I would be glad not to have had. It seems to me as though you are projecting your own insecurity about your gear unnecessarily here. FWIW, and as a bass player, I sold off all my analog pedals and replaced them with a Helix Stomp. Amazing piece of engineering, and a delight to use with utterly musical tone. The community around the Helix system and interaction with Line 6 support are a bonus delight.
  13. Yes, all are editable; there is none of this "some presets are hard-coded, some are user-configurable' kind of situation. I'm 'only' a bass player, but the HX Stomp has been a game-changer for me; I got rid of all my separate pedals and couldn't be happier. A well-designed and great sounding bit of gear.
  14. Doesn't "Example D" in that manual say: "Recalling a preset in PRESET mode, Vector generates thru the MIDI OUT, on the midi channel 1, the Program Change with the same number shown by the display. All the 28 Program Change can be used to control other midi units." ? So you could have access to 28 presets on the Stomp, at least. Or perhaps you are looking for a mapping function where (say) PC 1 corresponds to patch 17 on the Stomp? AFAIK that isn't possible.
  15. I can also confirm that as a registered HX Stomp owner I don't seem to be able to actually get the discount claimed on the promos page. At US99 this would be an insta-buy for me, even though I'm only an occasional DAW user.
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