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Why I Like My Dt50 2x12 And Pod Hd500 Rig


Sometimes it seems like forums like these can get bogged down by a lot of agitated posts or some out right negative but I'd like to try to channel some Bob Marley mentality and inject a little positivity into it and take a minute to tell all of you wonderful people why I like my gear so much. I am currently running my guitar as such = guitar + Boss EQ +POD hd500 +DT50 2x12. What I like so much about it is that being a fan of all genres of music it truly allows me to say " Hey I want to play some____(place genre here)" and I can then choose a plethora of different ways I want to take it. I can make it complicated and throw in a lollipop ton of effects or I can simply choose an amp. Viola!!!! And I know we can all get the cork sniffer syndrome and say "well the B Deluxe doesn't sound 100% like the Real amp" well at default on some of the amp mods you'd be correct but even at default it sounds close enough because let's face it your not playing through a real Fender such and such. But I can assure you that with minimal tweaking I can get well more than close enough to satisfy myself and anyone within Earshot. So, while there are some glitches and the Jcm mod at default sounds like no other jcm I've ever heard, I am a very content customer. And yes some things could be changed but I can deal..... For now...

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