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    Helix 2.9

    I went to an AC/DC concert once... It was loud.
  2. Oh, what about my IRs? Will they be alright just leaving them there where they are?
  3. Thank you so much for replying! I knew I had to do some searching but with soooo many presets I knew it would be a daunting task. But you straightened it out for me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! BTW, how did you figure that out? You're smarter than a 5th grader!
  4. I am relatively new to the Helix and am having the same rebuild problem every start up. I did buy a lot of presets from Fremen, and other presets from different online users. Plus several IRs from Ownhammer and MB. Do I have to do a global reset and then load patches individually? Or can I just load one of my previous back-ups? Thanks!
  5. Some Stevie Ray Vaughan tones would be awesome where he uses 2 or 3 amps blended together. Like a Fender and a Dumble. or Marshall? Thanks in advance.
  6. So, let me get this straight, the Axe FXIII is 2300 dollars with no volume/wah peddle. I've had my Helix for just over 2 months and am so satisfied and heard a hundred or so GREAT sounding videos on youtube. MarkJarvis is just poking anyone that wants to spend the time to read his jibberjabber. He also hasn't tried to find the tone in the Helix or on youtube. I'm sure AXFX is a great unit! I know, I KNOW Helix is as well...
  7. Thanks. I will check that pack out and look forward to any vintage type of tones you come up with. Keep up the good work so us slackers don't have too. :)
  8. I bought the Big Pack and love it Fremen, you are awesome. And giving away Vintage tones and IRs??? You are THE MAN! I'm interested in older Lynyrd Skynrd tones!
  9. Did you have any thoughts about the screws going through body and into any of the electronics?
  10. I love my 59! I know the pic is not that great, but.... :)
  11. That's the sound I hear and when its an acoustic 12 strings its soooo bad.... unusable feature for me....
  12. You would be blending the pactual pick ups of the (your) JTV.
  13. I would love it if I could plug my JTV 59 via VDI into my HD500 into my DT25 and open workbench and mess with the guitar modeling... :mellow:
  14. Ahhh... I gotcha Zap... It's just a wish... :wub: I don't know how hard it would be but it would be awesome! Thanks for the info. and knowledge too!
  15. It wouldn't be too hard for Line6 to incorperate different guitars in workbench... Would it. Since your JTV can handle so many guitars and you can place them anywhere on the model knob, make a wider variety of guitars. That way if you liked the thin-line tele... Bam.... Liked the Strat with the maple neck.... Bam....A thin-line with a maple strat neck or rosewood or ebony fingerboard!!!! That would not be difficult in WB!!!! Or would it?
  16. Okay... I recorded it and very, very much to my surprise, the ghost note that I WAS hearing totally disappeared in the recording. This means, as the Realzap has stated before, that the 'ghost' note is coming acoustically from the guitar to my ears and NOT thru my keyboard amp. I am astonished! The natural resonance in the actual guitar pushes the note that pronounced to my ears! :o
  17. I'm thinking, that the guitar sounds soooo good (all but the !2 strings) in standard tuning, that a large amount of players (like myself) stay in standard tuning, that they might not realize that their guitars are having this issue?
  18. As I don't mess around much with alt tunings I didn't think much about this issue... Hell, I have a hard enough time playing my guitar in standard tuning... lol. But I just tried mine out and... bam, there it is. My high e string and b string are the ones I mainly hear it on... I'm going to put a ticket in myself.
  19. I'm having issues w acoustics as well. I can't make any of them to sound like Sean Halleys' or the other seemingly quality souding acoustics out there... And as I've said before, my 12 strings just sound horrible. Like a pitch shifting, whirling lollipop... Must be the crappy Beringer amp I play the acoustic patches on, but my 12 string electrics don't sound any better either... I play the electric 12s outta my HD25...
  20. Here's a link that has workbench of leveling all guitars. Props to oehman...http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9388.0
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