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Sound In Bon Jovi - Always

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Try Rotary Drum/Horn - it vaguely emulates a Dunlop Rotovibe, which is intended to emulate a Leslie rotating speaker. Listen to Ozzy's Road to Nowhere, The Cult's Fire Woman (intro) even Korn uses the effect on Freak on a Leash. Sambora chooses to use it on the solo of this tune which sounds like crap. This effect is best used with arpeggio/ chord picking. It's not hard to dial-in something close, but as with most of the M9/M5 effects, you're better off to go easy on the output mix. Too much effect colors your overall tone in a bad way. I believe the Rotary Drum offers an "Overdrive" knob, so if you choose, you can add some crunch with the patch - probably because the original Leslies came with a built in tube pre-amp which would overdrive the signal.

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