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Amplifi 75 - Update Issues

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Hi All

I've read loads of posts with other users having the same issue.  I tried to update my Amplifi 75 yesterday using latest software from Line 6 website and now I've either got four blinking LEDs with factory reset or four illuminated LEDs if I go into update mode.  Nothing seems to work.  I'm using a Windows 10 64 bit OS.  I've contracted Line 6 today and I am awaiting a reply.  Anyone got any ideas apart from the standard replies by Line 6.  Thanks


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I'm having a problem updating the firmware of my AmpliFi75.
I download the correct software (for Windows 10), but when I start it, it only shows a black screen that indicates "Select device to update", but there is no option to select. Therefore, I cannot update anything. The software also does not ask to connect my AmpliFi75 to the PC by USB cable. What can I do?



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exactly same problem here... Please is there a solution - otherwise I'll send back my amplifi :-(



Here is the answer : you have to update the win10 amplifi driver fisrt... This is quite not very clear! 


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