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Pod Hd500x Midi Notes For Dmx Lighting Controller

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I recently purchased the POD HD500X and I was hoping to use it as a MIDI controller for my Elation DMX Operator 192.  I am able to trigger almost everything that the DMX controller has to offer.


I found that the lowest MIDI note that the HD500X will send is a C0.  C0 corresponds to MIDI Note 12 on the DMX controller so that will Turn on/off Scene 1.  It appears that I need 1 lower octave to trigger MIDI Notes 0-11.  I have tried every Note On message available to see if they would trigger 0-11 but no luck (C0 through G9).


Is there anyway to adjust this on the HD500X or possibly an update that would resolve this issue?


Midi Note              Function

0-11                      Turn on/off Chase 1-12 (doesn't work)

12-19                    Turn on/off Scene 1-8 (works)

20-49                    Select Bank 1-30 (works)

50                         Enable/Disable Audio (works)

51                         Enable/Disable Auto (works)

52                         Enable/Disable Blackout (works)


I currently own the Line 6 DreamStage and I love it!  I used to run sound for my band and as well as perform and now the StageScape m20d runs our sound.  When I realized that the HD500X would send MIDI Notes I was ecstatic.  If this issue gets resolved then I will be free to perform and easily control my lights with a foot controller and that is huge!


I realize this is an obscure request but I have tons of faith in Line 6 and I hope there is something that can be done.  Thanks!

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