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Vetta Hum On High Gain Channels?

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Got an older Vetta have had two this one started humming on high

gain channels after player a chord or note and muting I have read this

problem on forums, payed $100 for an authorized service center

to check it out and nothing was found, It did not do it on my

other vetta and I have bought a new Les Paul and the most

expensive cords I could find ( monster )  Any clues?

Its only on the high gain super metal channels?

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What kind of pickups on your guitar. Humbuckers or not. Hum can also often be traced down to a defective ground like a disconnected lead to a tail piece in the guitar. You'd have to try the amp with a different known to be good guitar to be sure it's the amp.

BTW I wouldn't recommend spending a lot of money on so called oxygen free wire in guitar cords etc. as it's all just a marketing gimmick. The only things that counts for anything is the quality of the hardware and plating used, quality of construction and the amount of shielding in the cable.

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