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Help! Turn On And Turn Off Another Effect At The Same Time? (pod Hd500)

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Hi all!


Is there any way to turn on an effect and turn off another at the same time?

e.g. stepping on distortion  enable any amp and disable any effect.

Enable and disable 2 or more at the same time I know it is possible.


Em pt-br caso alguém possa me ajudar?

Existe algum jeito de habilitar um efeito e desligar outro ao mesmo tempo?

p. ex. eu que pisar na distorção e ao mesmo tempo desligar um chorus ou algum outro efeito.

Habilitar 2 ou mais efeitos ao mesmo tempo sei que é possível.







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Yes, you can assign more than 1 effect to the same footswitch. If you assign 2 effects to the same footswitch and turn one effect on and the other off, then the footswitch becomes a toggle between the 2 effects. And if you want you could set it up so 2 effects turn on and a 3rd turns off at the same time, for example. Or any combination. Just assign them to the same footswitch.

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