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  1. I play through a blues jr amp which doesn't have an fx loop so I'm using the HD500 as a stomp box (amp turned off inside POD). I recently bought 2 OD pedals and put them in the POD FX loop but I didn't like how it sounded. There is another thread titled FX Loop Noise that gets at this issue. So I'm using the ODs in front of the POD: guitar->little green wonder->fulldrive 2->POD guitar in->volume pedal->tube comp->digital delay->hall reverb->studio eq for clean boost->disabled amp block->mixer. This set up sounds good to my ears and the new OD pedals sound better than the POD OD models. I just couldn't get the POD OD models to sound right for my taste.
  2. If you have amp channel volume assigned to one of the expression pedals then you also have to adjust max in the exp pedal. For example if you lower amp volume from 70 to 50 then you also have to go into your exp pedal assigned to amp volume and lower the max from 70 to 50. If you don't, the volume will stay at 70.
  3. I was messing around with the pitch glide to comment on another thread and found that the pitch glide at the front of the chain, 50% mix, +0.1, gave a nice chorus tone (at least to my ears). I generally don't use the chorus for what I play but I added in the analog chorus to compare it to the pitch glide at +0.1 and thought the pitch glide sounded better.
  4. I played around with the pitch glide through headphones in a single amp patch and got the best results at the front of the chain at 50% mix. Not that what I found is ground breaking but here is what I came up with... +12 octave up, -12 octave down of course. +5 single notes with distortion gave a decent 2 note power chord tone (perhaps useful for fast playing). +7 gave a decent harmony. +0.1 clean gave a nice chorus sound. +0.1 with distortion provided some depth to single notes which could be good for a solo. +0.3 gave a tremolo tone. -12 with the exp pedal max 0 and min -12 let's you use the pedal like a whammy bar. I also had decent success with the pitch glide +0.1 mix 50% in path B (in a single amp patch with a digital delay 50 ms in path A for thickening purposes) for single notes for soloing. As gckelloch mentioned, the pitch glide seems to add some high end so you may want to account for that.
  5. Fender blackface deluxe vib full model with drive set around 75-85 range will give you a clean but semi crunchy tone which you can control by how hard or soft you strum or pick. I use drive at 83 and use exp-2 set to go from 73-83 heel to toe. If you need more crunch you can add a tube screamer before the amp with drive at 0 and output at 100.
  6. 1.Yes - effects should be the same as M9. 2. Yes - in the pod select "none" as the amp and select the global settings to use all 8 footswitches for the effects within your patch (rather than 4 footswitches for different patches and 4 for effects within the current patch).
  7. I use the volume pedal at the beginning of the chain and in that spot it reduces the gain a little bit in addition to reducing volume. I have it assigned to exp-1 and use it for swells (the slight gain redcution/increase makes for a nice swell tone). I also use exp-1 volume pedal when I want to quickly cut off the volume. Exp-2 is assigned to amp volume (max 40, min 35) and I use that when I want a slight drop in volume but no change in tone.
  8. I play through a blues jr with studio/direct output mode. I tried the "correct" combo front output but studio/direct sounds better. In the pod I use the blackface deluxe full amp model with drive set at 83 (still relatively clean tone). Blues jr settings are: reverb 3.5, master 11, middle 8, bass 10, treble 2, fat switch on, volume 2. The high master/low volume pushes the amp and works well with pod overdrive pedals. Together this gives me a lively clean tone and I use tubescreamers for crunch and heavy crunch tones. I've been happy with the blues jr/pod combination. It's worked well live in a medium theater environment.
  9. Yes, you can assign more than 1 effect to the same footswitch. If you assign 2 effects to the same footswitch and turn one effect on and the other off, then the footswitch becomes a toggle between the 2 effects. And if you want you could set it up so 2 effects turn on and a 3rd turns off at the same time, for example. Or any combination. Just assign them to the same footswitch.
  10. Try freeing up the pedal for the wah by using an effect slot in your chain for a clean boost triggered by footswitch. If you need wah and boost at the same time you can assign both to the same footswitch. The POD HD500 doesn't have a clean boost effect but there are a few ways to do it: short cable into fx loop (add fx loop to chain with +3db return for exanple), or use tube comp with 100% thresh and output to taste (+12-24), or use studio eq with flat settings and output to taste). Here's another post on the ways to do a clean boost:
  11. Although not as good as an effect copy feature, you could set up a base patch with the effects at your new default settings and then copy that base patch and modify as necessary. That's what I do.
  12. ftuller

    Amp Settings

    I use a blues jr. I tried combo front but studio/direct sounds better. In the pod I use the fender blackface deluxe vib full amp model. This supposedly goes against the rules but this sounds the best through the blues jr. Pod deluxe full amp settings are gain 83, bass ~60, mid ~55, treble ~50, presence ~40, volume 40. This gives a relatively clean tone. Blues jr settings are reverb 3.5, master 6, mid 8, bass 8.5, treble 2.5, volume 7, fat button on. At the levels noted above the tone is clean but close to break up. For crunch I add the tubescreamer at gain of 50, then for heavy crunch/gain I layer on a 2nd tube screamer at gain of 70. My experience has been good with the blues jr and I think it works well with the pod because the blues jr seems like a neutral amp if that makes sense. It seems like it has a lot of high end in it naturally which explains my high bass/mid and low treble settings.
  13. I do the same thing hurghanico mentioned. I place the tube comp at 100 threshold early in the chain - after volume pedal and before tube screamer and digital delay. You can set the level to taste. I usually set it at 12 which is a slight boost. Amp model I use is b'face 'lux vib full model. The tube comp at 100 threshold seems to color the tone in a good way so I often leave it on all the time. The fender amp, tube comp, and tube screamer together gives you plenty of tube sound.
  14. Geekydaddy - if I'm interpreting your issue correctly I would continue to use the variety of amps and patches but work on leveling your volumes across the patches. In other words, try to make all your clean patches the same volume no matter what amp you're using. Do the same for your crunch patches, heavy crunch patches, and gain patches. I use my ears and try to get as close as possible. This would then be good for the crowd, the sound guy, and your band.
  15. I use the tube comp as a volume boost by setting threshold to 100 (ie no compression) and output to 12. But with that said, at 100 threshold and 12 output I like its effect on the tone and sometimes I find myself keeping it on as a base part of the tone. I like to do this on my clean patch which uses the blackface deluxe vib full amp with gain at 51 and digital delay dotted 8th at 40% mix. I put the tube comp early in the chain, after the volume pedal and before the tube screamer. It also sounds good with higher amp gain settings on the blackface deluxe vib (73 or 83) and with the tube screamer on.
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