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Directional Monster Cable Noise

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I know it's weekend, but anyway I'll try to solve this with a little help from you guys


I'm trying to use Monster Cable Acoustic, Jazz and Pro 1000 Instrument models


all are signal flow designed


the problem is that when I connect my guitar to the instrument input in any of the POD family it makes a very strong noise, but the tone is clear and full, so, when I invert the signal the noise disappear but the tone is quacky and dark


it happens the same with all kind of sources: piezo acoustic guitars, electric pick ups and even active systems or whatever I plug this way


guitar ---> signal flow---> POD input = noise in signal full tone

guitar <--- signal flow <--- POD input = no noise but lack of tone


anyone with the same problem?


I tested the cables in other guitar amps or processors as BOSS GT-10 and I don't have the noise problem, BUT if I invert the signal flow I have the same lack of tone


Please help me


Thank you



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