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G50 Issue With Sennheiser Wireless Iem/mics

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Hi, I have a very bizarre problem that is near impossible for me to troubleshoot.

I have been a happy Line 6 G50 wireless customer since May 2013 - really love the tonal quality. 

We recently bought a crapload of new equipment for a new campus my church has started. This included a LOT of Sennheiser wireless stuff.

Here's all that's being run:
1 Line 6 G50 (for my guitar)
2 Sennheiser IEM units
4 Sennheiser EW300 with Mics
1 Sennheiser Hands Free Wireless Mic (Countryman E6)

Whenever I run the G50 by itself it has ZERO issues. As soon as my band is on stage and all the other wireless gear is running, it flat out refuses to run. This never happened until I started using all the wireless gear.The receiver lights up acknowledging that it's receiving signal, but no sound is produced.

Now for the weird part:
-I've had my band off stage, and I've turned all the wireless gear on and the Line 6 WORKED!!! And then when everyone is playing/singing... NADA
-I've tried changing the channels on my G50 several times - nothing. 
-I've tried swapping out power adapters (including the stock one) - no dice. 

It's the oddest wireless problem I've ever encountered. Anyone else encountered this? Any thoughts?


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Let me ask ... You say you are seeing the Audio LED on the receiver light up but hear no sound? That is very strange.


Do you get audio out of the tuner output?


Try turning on your new gear in steps. Start with the G50s on. Then turn on your other wireless mics. G50s still working?

Then turn the new wireless off and turn on the IEMs. How about now? If you are still working then turn on the new wireless mics.


What firmware version are the G50s? I would definitely stick with the factory power supplies while you are testing. Using third party supplies is not difficult, but they must be correct.

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