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Pod Hd And Ipad


Hi there,


I just received a nice ipad mini retina for christmas and I would like to know how I can connect it to my amazing Pod HD 300.

I have tried to plug directly via USB using the USB photo adaptor... but not recognized by the tablet... What can I do? ... I am sure my POD HD Can be used as a preamp and I don't need to buy an additional device, any idea?


Thanks and merry christmas to you all 


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Since Line6 is behind the curve on iOS support, I'll recommend the iRig HD for your iPad.  I've been using one of these with my iPhone 5 and it's pretty impressive.  IK Multimedia's s/w model (everything costs money) is annoying, but it's a real A/D device that uses the digital connector on your iOS device, and the quality is pretty darn good.  Doesn't pack the power of a POD HD, but if you're trying to have something portable for grabbing ideas, worth a look.


Line6/Yamaha needs to beef up support for these kinds of devices (iOS, Android) and replace their "Sonic Port" lump with a real A/D and have a good s/w package. There's room for more competition here, and iRig's ignored the Android market.  Get busy guys!

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