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Bullet For My Valentine Sound Help


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Hello! I'm quite new to guitar, and have of course jumped into the deep end trying to learn complicated songs. I've been learning to play 'Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire', and whilst I have the tabs alright, I don't think I understand my amp well enough to get the right sounds out of it... It's a little different to what I use at my lessons! The sound I'm having some issues getting is the distortion. 


My amp is a Line 6 Spider V 20


If anyone knows what the correct settings are to play this song, I would really appreciate it!

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41 minutes ago, hurghanico said:

Matt Tuck (frontman) chain basically is: Seimour Duncan JB equipped guitar-->Tube Screamer (active all the time)-->Peavey head-->4x12 Mesa cabs.


Michael Paget chain basically is: EMG PU equipped guitar-->Tube Screamer (active on the lead patch)-->Triple rectifier-->4x12 Mesa cab.


(Having the TS active, the amp gain/drive doesn't need to be too high, and probably (obviously depending also on your guitar signal level) it could stay happily below half way).


Both guitarists use the Roland JC-120 for the cleans.


In recent times all the above mentioned amps and effects have been profiled and replaced by Kemper.


Now, depending on the models available in your amp (which I don't have, I use the POD HD500) it's up to you to find which ones work better/closer to get in the ballpark.


Good luck!


All about POD HD500/X


Hey, not sure I actually understand most of this? I'm very new to guitar, so all I'm trying to do for now is get a somewhat similar setting using my own guitar and my own amp. I'm very much used to amps which have settings for 'tremble, middle, bass' etc.. Mine has a range of settings and I'm really just not sure how to get the best out of it. My amps settings are: Drive, Tone, Volume, Reverb, FX and a choice of 3 different effects. I have presets on the side but I don't think any of them sound right.  

If you know what settings I could use to get anything similar, I would appreciate it


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1 minute ago, hurghanico said:

As I said before I don't own the Spider V20 amp, therefore I don't know what you have exactly.


There is a manual you can download and read: V 20 Manual - English .pdf


From what I've very  quickly seen you have about 200 models at disposal in your amp, of which 78 are amps, 23 are cabs, and the rest are effects.

But to access all of them you need the Spider V Remote software.


With this abundance of models you should be able to get very close to the sound you are looking for.

But it's a job you have to do on your own, also because every different device has its own sound imprint, which then also depends on the particular guitar that is connected, and I have a different rig.


I think I have already given you several useful tips, now it's up to you to do the rest.

Good luck!



Ah ok, I'll have to get the software! (Wasn't aware about that!)


Thank you :) 

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