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Multi effects and Spider IV

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Hi, I'd like to know which Line 6 multi effect would be the best fit for my Spider IV 30 considering that I'm just a basement player. I thought about the FBV3, the MK II shortboard and the M13, but it looks that some aren't totally compatible with the amp. I also looked for a Boss ME-80, but I really liked the idea to use the FBV pedal plug on the amp while having the possibility to use some stomp box on the more traditional way. Thanks for the advices!

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Hi Jeff, I think you might be a little confused on your choices.  The FBV3 and MkII Shortboard are not multi-effects, they are controllers which access the built-in effects in the amp - so you won't be getting any 'new' sounds from the amp by using either of these, you will just be able 'switch on the fly' while playing.

Using an external multi-effects pedal like the M13 or the Boss will give you those sounds - coming out of the pedal, into the amp, where you can further modify the sound with the amp's controls.  Note that adding distortion in the amp seldom sounds good if you have a distorted sound dialed in from the FX stompbox.  Also, delay and reverb never sounds as good if the distortion comes after that sound.  This has always been a major user complaint about the Spider IV amps, no post-preamp FX loop.

When I use stompboxes into my Spider, I try to keep the amp's settings as clean as possible.

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