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Sonic Port 'devide Not Found' Error With Iphone 4 And Ios6.1.3


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I've recently purchased a Sonic Port for use on my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3. At first connect, the error in Mobile POD said something like 'Device not supported' (or something similar), this never showed up again. Ever since I get a 'Device not found' error, whenever I try to cennect the SP to my iPhone.

Tested the SP today with my brothers iPhone 4 running iOS 7 and it works. Is it the iOS version? The APP Store info still says compatible with iOS 4.3+ :huh: . Any ideas anyone? Please let me know before I HAVE to update to iOS 7 (which I have stayed away on purpose so far).


Cheers, Claus

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I've tried pretty much everything,even had the USB connection changed on my iphone4s...

As soon as I plug the sonic port in,even before I open the app,the message "Sonic Port: The connected device is not supported" shows up in the screen,and when I open the app it says "Device not found" :-(

I don't understand,it makes no sense to me...I have tried reinstalling the firmware,the mic function is on,I have the latest firmware update,it works fine on my friends iPhone,etc...

How do I solve this?!

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