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What would you like in an HX Control Pedal?

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So, I am thinking about creating a midi controller/control to accompany the HX Stomp.  Sort of like the Morningstar, but more custom for the HX stomp. Help would be appreciated. I am wondering  what features you would like? 


Some ideas to get started:

  • Dedicated Buttons to activate presets (or assignable to specific effects)
  • Assign Program and CC changes on preset change (like the Helix control center) to control other devices
  • Tempo Display in BPM
  • Tap Tempo output to other pedals (taps for you into non-midi peals)
  • Stereo > Left/Right breakout so you can route the HX' effect loop to two mono effects.
  • Exp Pedal input to route to Exp 1/2 (so you can use the expression and foot switch)
  • Exp Pedal to Exp 1/2 conversion so any can be used with HX Stomp
  • Two or three loop switcher to integrate other pedals
  • Bluetooth (BLE) Midi?


Other ideas? I would like to keep the footprint as small as possible. 


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