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Helix Controlling Peavey Invective Via MIDI

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Hi, new to the forum and am the owner of a new Helix. I am..was MIDI illiterate, and tried to get info online on how to control my Invective with the Helix without much luck. Any threads regarding this topic usually had very vague information, probably with the notion that whoever was reading it already had an understanding of MIDI...which I didn't.

So...this is for the people out there like me.

Step one...plug in the footswitch that comes with the Invective and press the Channel 1 select button. Then press the Preset Mode button until all the buttons blink red. Then select Channel 1, and disconnect the footswitch from the amp.

Insert MIDI cable from Helix...a 5 pin unlike the 8 pin that the Invective comes with into the amp.

Next, go to Global Settings and select MIDI/TEMPO. Select Midi Base Channel as Omni. Then toggle to Preferences and make sure that Snapshot Edits are on "Recall"...not "Discard".

Next..hit Menu, and select Command Center. I use the Instant Commands so I can use it with snapshots.

Toggle over to Instant 1 in Bank/Program Mode.

Set MIDI Channel to 1, leave the Bank CC00 and Bank CC32 blank. Then look in the Invective manual Pages 13-15,

and select the Program number with the configuration that you want into the "Program" box in the Command Center.

Exaple: If you want the 1st channel with Loop 1 on..enter 36

If you want the 3rd channel with the Gate, Boost, Master boost, and Loop 1 enter 59.


It's so simple. I can't believe it took me as long as it did to figure out.


And lastly, press save before leaving the Preset and all your settings will stick.


I hope I can help some other clueless people like myself with these instructions.




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