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Cannot connect my AMPLIfi 30 to my android

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I've just purchased my AMPLIfi 30 new and cannot seem to update the amp to be able to connect my android device via bluetooth.


I am aware the AMPLIfi Utilities is now called line 6 updater however I've plugged my amp into my PC with a usb and updated the amp with the line 6 updater however when i try and sync my android device with the amps bluetooth, the amp doesn't even appear in my devices bluetooth options.


Any help at all is appreciated as all of line 6's video tutorial are out of date, and there isn't much help online.

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Hi, silly questions but gotta start somewhere.  You are pushing the Bluetooth scan button (it will flash) before you start scanning on your phone correct?   Also, could you let us know what version of Android is your phone?  I haven't had my Amplifi in a while but I do remember that BT was pretty solid once it got connected.

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