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  1. I just got the 100W a few days ago and all I can say is my DSL40 and Katana are going up on Craigslist. I know the whole effects situation is a little weird but pair it with an HX Effects and boom. Full MIDI functions and great effects all in one. I'm really happy with it. Best modeling amp I've every played through.
  2. Did they change the design? I had one years ago and did that and the one I just got this week has 6 feet and when I pull the screws the bottom loosens :(
  3. ajb1965

    7CM HELP!!!

    So then basically there's no way to use 2 external amps and use their preamp section and have a single delay set in stereo ping pong between the 2 like you would with a regular pedalboard? I can achieve that but it bypasses my amps preamp which defeats the purpose.
  4. Great catch!! I did the restore and it still didn't work and I was getting frustrated. For whatever reason the Powercab was no longer set to Preset. THANK YOU!!!!!
  5. I performed a full reset and before I even bothered to restore I built a new patch and PC+ does not respond over L6 Link. Turned PC+ off and on, checked cabling yada yada. I guess the next step is to open a ticket with L6. Thanks all
  6. No I just did a straight inline upgrade. My patches all have the correct PC+ speakers still in the presets but even manually within a patch I can't get it to change speaker. I'll try a reset. I have a backup from before. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Hi Folks, I updated my LT to 3.10 this morning and now it seems L6 Link is no longer working to change speaker models. I checked for a PC+ update and I didn't one. I used L6 updater to perform the upgrade and that went swimmingly. Just curious if anyone else has run across this or if I did something wrong. Thank you!!
  8. My PC+ just came today and had the same issue. Updated the cab to 2.x and now I'm able to control from my LT with each preset with an AES/EBU cable. Keep in mind it won't change the display on the PC+ but the color ring will change.
  9. I know I'm late to this party, but I've been using the Power Amp In on my Katana 100 with my Helix LT and so far I like it. To be fair this is tiding me over until the Human Malware crisis is over and the band can start playing again. I hope to have a Powercab+ by then but still plan on using the Katana at home as possibly the other speaker for stereo fun. To OP - yes that is how I do it as well. Instrument cable from the LT mono out to the power amp in on the KTN, and use amp with no cab in my modeler. I've found that using preamp only (at least in Helix) can have unpredictable results depending on the model. Volumes are all over the place and reverb and delays respond differently. I just use the full amp but no cab and I've been able to eek out some really good tone to my ears. I'm hopeful that compared to the PC+ with speaker modeling the KTN will pale, but right now it sounds pretty darn good!
  10. It certainly has some interesting features. I have several Neural amp sims and they are great but hardware is a different game altogether. I just bought an LT today so I'm not going to be in the market for a while. If they are still in hardware after a couple of years and they have established a positive reputation for updates by then, I'm sure I'd give it a serious look.
  11. I got tired of waiting. I have a brand new LT that just arrived and is getting the 3.01 update :P
  12. It was based on the original leak. had the Stomp XL listed and had an availability date of mid February, but in my experience with them and AMS they often put random dates in when they don't know when an item will be back in stock.
  13. I am eagerly awaiting this. After the non-NAMM live stream and nothing was announced I was going to go ahead and get the Stomp and an MC-6. Had them in their respective carts and then saw Tone Junkie's video and decided I could wait a couple more months :)
  14. ajb1965

    HX Effects Advice

    Hi, The HX effects integrates with existing stomp boxes very easily. It is limited with only 2 loops but you can get really creative. I did that for quite a while and here's how I had everything set up. The time based effects that I owned and always kept in my amps FX loop were plugged into the physical cable chain heading to and from my amps FX loop. They were all MIDI capable so I used MIDI CC and PC messages sent by the HX in Snapshots to change parameters etc per patch. I kept my 3 drives, fuzz, and compressor in front of the HX just like they were going in front of an amp. The few odd pedals that I wasn't always sure where I wanted them were chained together and placed in the HX's other send/receive loop so I could put them anywhere, even route them into my amps FX loop if I wanted to. If you want to get REAL creative, you can always get a MIDI capable loop switcher like a Boss ES5 or ES8 and place them into the HX loop and use MIDI to control it all. Bottom line is there are always options. Just be aware when you are using either of the HX loops you need to be mindful of the levels and make sure all your ins/outs are set accordingly for Inst or Line. Best of luck!
  15. Hi, I have the G10S and I love it. I'll never go back to cables! I'm considering an Ibanez AZ guitar and they have an input jack that's recessed fairly deep. I don't know if the G10 transmitter will fit and was wondering what solutions you fine folks have used when encountering a situation like this. As always, thanks for the "input" - Pun intended :)
  16. I know it's a late reply but this question has been asked on just about every amp switching capable product's forum as well as the Blackstar forums and the answer is always crickets... I found this on a voodoo labs forum that someone got from Blackstar if it still helps anyone. You can still use an external device to mimic the 2 button FS by putting the amp in external switch mode. Here's what they had to say about the TRS connections: EXTERNAL SWITCHING MODE: This mode is intended for people who wish to control the same main features of the amp using an external switching device that connects via the TRS connection of the socket. To switch to External Switching Mode: simply press and hold the Clean Select and Clean Voice switches for 5 seconds. The green LEDs will then flash together to indicate the change of mode. The amplifier will retain this mode, even when switched off, until it is changed back to normal/footswitch mode. Once in External Switching Mode the following settings will apply when a suitable TRS connection is made: TIP -------- RING ------Channel ---- voice closed---- closed ----- clean ----- voice 1 closed ---- open ----- clean ----- voice 2 open ----- closed -----OD1 ----- voice 1 or 2 as selected open ----- open ----- OD2 ----- voice 1 or 2 as selected
  17. Hi, It's a hum not a hiss and it's only present when the OD's are in the loop. In front of the HX or amp they are fine. Swapped cables, PSU etc and it's still there. I put a gate block in the loop and that tames it, but it takes up an FX slot.
  18. Hi, thanks for the response. Loop 1 (where the OD's are today) is set for Instrument and Loop 2 is set to Line and seems to work fine in my amps loop. The gain scenario you described is exactly what I'm experiencing. I will try reducing only the SEND level in that loop later today when I get home. I had messed with the overall loop level and that seemed to calm the gain down but it dropped the overall volume so much it was not practical. Question though, if I drop the send gain down can I make up the volume with the receive level, or will that just put me back in the same boat? Thanks again! Cheers AJB
  19. HI there good Line 6 experts. I have had my HX FX for about a month and am still having issues with noise, levels yada trying to utilize my drive pedals in one of the loops. I can run them in front of the HX just fine, but I really want to also use the HX in front of the drives for certain effects (compressor, wah, etc.) So before I dismantle my pedalboard again I wanted to run my routing plan past the gurus here to see if they see any red flags. What I'm trying to accomplish is have the HX in front of the drives but still be able to put delay and whatever else I want into my amps FX loop and also keep using my favorite reverb pedal. Thanks for taking a look and if my plan is stupid, I don't mind hearing that either :)
  20. Hi, silly questions but gotta start somewhere. You are pushing the Bluetooth scan button (it will flash) before you start scanning on your phone correct? Also, could you let us know what version of Android is your phone? I haven't had my Amplifi in a while but I do remember that BT was pretty solid once it got connected.
  21. Thank you for the quick reply. I can make that work!
  22. Hi, Is there a way to set the default parameters of an effect in HX Effects so that every time I place it in a chain it's always the same setting? Example, let's say I want my Compulsive Drive to be set with gain at 5 and level at 3 every time I put it in a new preset. Can I go into some voodoo somewhere and set like that so every time I drag it into a new preset it's already set? Thanks!
  23. That looks good. What type of board is that? I'm having a tough time finding on that's 'just right'. 24x14 is ideal, but the only one I can find in that size is the PT Novo 24. I was hoping to find one with better cable management or an IO panel like the Rockboard or Friedman have. The Rockboard 4.2 is a hair too small, and the 5.2 is way too big :(. I can't find any specs on the shelf size on the Friedman, just the overall dimensions.
  24. Yeah that's the same problem I have found. I suppose I could always buy the TT plug and strip and solder it to another cable and make my own adapter as a last resort. Thanks for looking into it!
  25. Thank you for the reply. Were you using the Truetone to power the L6? I want to use the stock L6 power brick but I need an adapter cable that takes the connector to a 90 degree instead of the straight end that the stock one has.
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