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  1. Still haven't gotten any response from Line6. However, I've made some progress. Putting this out there for anyone else searching for assistance. The FX Loop block in your signal chain must be changed to stereo. I can't figure out how to change the FX Loop block to stereo using only the controls on the HX Effects device. I've gone through the manual and can't find instructions for this change. It's probably there, but it's hidden; I couldn't find it. I tried all sorts of combinations of button pushes and knob twisting, but never was successful using only the HX Effects device to convert the FX Loop block to stereo. Download the HX Edit application from the Line6 website. In order to get the HX Edit application to work you'll first need to update the firmware on the HX Effects unit. The manual does a good job describing this process. Once you've updated the firmware and installed the HX Edit application, changing the the FX Loop block to stereo is easy. The FX Loop block has a drop down arrow with an option to change it to stereo. Finally, I'm still having some issues with the signal routing. Right now, I can only get the 7CM to work by putting the STEREO FX Loop block at the end of the signal chain. If I place it anywhere else in the signal chain, the preamp stage from amp#2 is bypassed and signal is routed directly to the poweramp section of amp#2. I'm not sure why. This is likely due to my limitations in understanding the signal flow. 'm going to mess with this again later and see if I can get better results. If I learn something new, or get some feedback friom Line6, I'll edit this post. I guess not many folks are running a stereo setup. Finding information on these issues has been difficult. I specifically bought the HX Effects to ease the setup for my stereo rig. I had higher expectations from a documentation standpoint.
  2. dcm_guitar

    7CM issue

    I've been trying for two days to get this sorted and I've had nothing work. Until now (FINALLY!)........ The above helped. I have a couple of questions. I could NOT figure out how to change the FX loop from mono to stereo using the controls on the HX effects. I had to download the HX Edit App. Changing the FX Loop to stereo in this editor is easy. How do you change the FX block to stereo on the device? The only way I can get the 7CM method to work while keeping the signal to amp#2 into the inout (and not directly to the power amp section of amp#2) is to put the stereo FX block as the last block in the signal path. Is this what everyone else is experiencing?
  3. So far no word from support and no reply here. I'm terribly close to returning this device. I'd really appreciate some assistance.
  4. dcm_guitar

    7CM HELP!!!

    I searched but couldn't find this topic. It probably exists somewhere..... I just got an HX Effects. I'm trying to set it up for 7CM. I can set up 4CM no problem. When I try the 7CM I get nothing from amp 2. There is no signal coming out of send 2 and entering amp 2. I'm sure there's some sort of routing change I need to make, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. I'm making all of the 7CM connections as listed on the cheat sheet, but only 1 amp produces output. HELP!!!!
  5. Hoping for some help. So far I haven't found the answer to this question. I'm very excited about the potential of the HX Effects. Can it be used in 4CM AND THEN use an IR to send to FOH or into a recording interface? I've looked at the I/O and for the life of me I can't figure out how to do this: Guitar in to the HX Effects HXE Send to front of Amp Amp FX Send to HXE Return HXE L Output to Amp Return So far, sog good. THEN I want to send the out from my amp (or from a power soak) back into the HX Effects and use a cabinet model or IR and send this out to either FOH or into a recording console. Is this possible?
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